NFL Overtime Rule Change Odds

NFL Overtime Rule Change Odds: New OT Format?

We’ve all been there. Your team drives down the field, kicks a game-tying field goal to send it to overtime and emotions are at an all-time high. And then ... it’s all taken away by a coin toss.

The National Football League’s overtime rules have cost most fan bases the opportunity for a big win in recent years. Most recently, Buffalo Bills star QB Josh Allen had to watch from the sideline as Patrick Mahomes drove down the field and snatched a divisional-round victory without Allen ever getting on the field in the OT period. 

Will the NFL change its overtime rule? Betting odds suggest there’s a chance. Odds are up at one of our top NFL betting sites, and as things currently sit, “No Change” is a -175 favorite while a change to the playoff OT format sits at +125.

Odds Of NFL Changing Overtime Rules

Will NFL change overtime format for 2022 season?
No Change-175
Change Playoff Format Only+125
Change Regular-Season and Playoff Format+350


According to our Odds Calculator, these -175 “No Change” odds imply a 63.64 percent chance that the same OT format will carry into the 2022-23 season. However, the +125 odds of a format change for the playoffs indicate there’s a very real opportunity for a change, suggesting a 44.44 percent chance.

Will The NFL Change Its Overtime Rule?

The NFL is slow to change when it comes to many things, but controversial rules have been something the league has shown a willingness to be adaptable on in recent years. The NFL constantly tweaks penalties for celebrating and even briefly tried out the whole “reviewable pass interference” thing (what a bust). While they seem committed to the current OT format, maybe public pressure will force another change.

Most of the league’s top stars right now are offensive players, specifically quarterbacks. The current NFL rules can prevent a great offensive player from ever even seeing the field during the extra time, eliminating the possibility of big moments from big players.

If the league wants Josh Allen to have an opportunity to match Patrick Mahomes blow for blow in OT, it might tweak the current format.

What Is Wrong With the Current Overtime Format? Are There Other Options?

We’ve covered a few of the issues with the current NFL overtime format, but to summarize it, the biggest issue is that if the team that starts with the ball scores a touchdown, OT is over. With the high-octane offenses now in the NFL, the game often ends on that first possession, meaning the outcome of the game was largely dictated by the pre-OT coin toss. How do we fix it? By giving both teams the ball!

Both the Canadian Football League and NCAAF use an adjusted overtime format that allows both teams to touch the ball and sets up both offenses to trade scores until there’s only one team left. It’s not quite traditional football with lengthy drives and maneuvers down the field, but it’s fun and it’s fair!

Betting On Odds Of NFL Changing Overtime Rules

Besides betting on individual football games, betting on NFL props like “Will the NFL change its overtime rule?“ is a fun way to stay engaged with football betting all year round. Do you think Roger Goodell and the NFL decision-makers are going to give in to the pressure of an OT rule change?

Will the NFL Change OT Rules?
  • Yes -210
  • No +150

If you were to make a $50 prop bet on the OT rule changing, and the NFL did bring in a new overtime rule, you would get a payout of $125 – your original $50 is returned along with your winnings of $75. Our Odds Calculator will show you what you’d collect based on the odds and amount bet.

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What Is An NFL Prop Bet?

A prop is a bet made on the occurrence or non-occurrence of certain events that may not correlate directly to the outcome of a game. Instead of betting on the spread or taking Tampa Bay to win straight up, in this case you’d be making a prop bet on whether the NFL will change its overtime rules this offseason. Other prop types include betting on player statistics for specific games, or other offseason props like if Tom Brady will retire.

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