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Historical NFL odds and results can help you make smarter NFL picks. Our NFL database is a searchable tool that allows you to pick your team, a matchup or situation to get the NFL betting stats you need to make predictions before every game. Below, we’ll explain how to use our NFL database.

Why Use Our NFL Database?

  • • How do the Eagles perform as a road underdog of 3-7 points?
  • • How do the Cowboys do in the week before a bye?
  • • How about the Patriots and Dolphins head-to-head for the past 15 seasons?

Our NFL database will give you those historical NFL odds and results and more.

When people say “and more”, they don’t usually mean it, but we do because we want you to make educated football bets every Sunday, Monday and Thursday (and Saturday during the playoffs).

To use our NFL database, you choose between looking at how a team performs HEAD TO HEAD, BEFORE/AFTER BYE or VS DIVISION/CONFERENCE (AFC/NFC). Then, you select the team by city.

For instance, you would type in New Orleans instead of Saints. Do the same for their opponent and select the amount of games you want to reference. Your next move is to pick the month, game type, location and favorite, underdog or both.

Our NFL database includes box-score data from the 80s to today. For betting odds and totals, our information goes back as far as 1980 which is the same year the Tom Flores-coached Oakland Raiders won Super Bowl XV and Jim Plunkett was named MVP of the game.

What makes our NFL database superior to other NFL point spread databases, is the fact that we feature more than ATS results and records. We also show you who the home team was, the final score, home spread, totals and OVER/UNDER results.

Our NFL database knows everything about a team’s historical odds and results. For more information on how to use this NFL database and get the best value and results, check out a tutorial here.

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