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How to Use the NHL Database

Welcome to all the NHL info you'll ever crave when making a sports bet! Start typing the team name in the box and pick a suggestion. Do the same for the opponent field, or leave blank if it’s a team vs league-wide search -- you can also look at back-to-back histories and how a team stacks up against a specific division. Make sure you review each search box to ensure the results come back as accurately as possible. For more information and a tutorial on how to use the databases and how to get the best value and results, click here.

The database will spit out whatever inputs you've inserted and give you the option to look at the last 10, 20, and 30 games played between both teams (or one team's history if it's a league-wide inquiry). This has all the high-level info you need to handicap your sports bet, including the total for the game, moneyline odds, and a running tally of each team's record. Consider comparing these results with our power rankings, computer picks, consensus picks and tonight's NHL trends for an incredible amount of context that will hopefully net you some cash. Happy betting!

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