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Team % Record Away Home Grass Turf Conf Div Streak
Team % Record Away Home Grass Turf Conf Div Streak
British Columbia0.6513-76-47-30-113-69-51L

Making smart picks is the only way you’re going to net major coin while betting on the Canadian Football League. So, how do you make smart picks? Knowing the current CFL standings can help you make smart picks. We can’t guarantee you’ll win enough to retire on but at least you’ll have fun betting on the CFL.

Here at OddsShark we give you two options; the SU (straight-up) standings and the ATS (against the spread) standings. The SU standings are shown the way they’d appear on Sportsnet, TSN, RDS, ESPN or any other sports network that features the CFL.

What’s the Difference Between ATS and SU Standings?

SU standings represent the records of each CFL team overall without taking the spread into consideration. ATS standings represents the records of each CFL team in relation to the spread. For instance, if the Toronto Argonauts’ overall record is 1-4 after five games that means they’ve won one game and lost four of them. If their ATS record is 2-3 it means they’ve covered the spread two times and were unable to cover it three times. When you’re making a spread bet, you’ll want to use our ATS standings data to shape your wager.

If you’re making a moneyline or straight-up bet, you’ll want to use our SU standings. Moneyline bets are wagers made when you bet one team over the other to win. For instance, if the Montreal Alouettes are playing the Ottawa Redblacks and you bet on the Als to win and they do, you’d win your moneyline bet. For spread betting, if the same teams are playing you’d look to the point spread set by the oddsmakers. If the Redblacks are listed at -3.5 (the favorite) and the Alouettes are listed at +3.5 (the underdog), Ottawa would have to win by 3 points or more, or Montreal would have to lose or win by 3 points in order for the spread to be covered. If the spread isn’t covered, you can’t win your bet. Teams that lose can also cover the spread which is why we list the ATS standings instead of just the regular season overall team standings.

What Does the Rest of the SU Standings Table Mean?

The CFL SU standings table on OddsShark features information about how well a team fares on the road vs away, how well they play on turf vs grass, their winning streaks (if any), and their conference position.

What Does the Rest of the ATS Standings Table Mean?

The CFL ATS standings table on OddsShark has information such as how well a team covers the spread at home vs away, how well they cover the spread as the underdog vs favorite, the OVER/UNDER and their streaks. Not every team performs in the same way. Some teams are better able to cover the spread at home, while others excel at spread coverage on the road. Lesser teams can blow out great teams and great teams can beat lesser opponents by a single field goal.

Make sure to check out this page before every game. With OddsShark’s CFL Standings page in your corner, you’ll have no trouble making smart picks.

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