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Betting history is important, especially in the NBA -- more knowledge of historic NBA odds leads to more accurate picks. Our database tool gives you relevant knowledge for a specific matchup, helping you handicap your upcoming bets.

How To Use Our NBA Database

We've configured our NBA database to make it more user-friendly and allow bettors to sort through results and trends to identify strong value in your NBA bets.

Type a team name in the left-most box and select the appropriate fields below depending on your interest. You can do the same for the opponent field if you want insight into direct matchups, or leave it blank if it’s a league-wide search.

Use the "back-to-back" and division / conference-specific options to get even more granular with your search -- looking at how a team performs in those circumstances can be an easy way to identify betting opportunities.

Why Use Our NBA Database?

Each search query generates precise betting information on past NBA games. If you play around with our filters, you can generate insight into previous NBA contests, straight-up results, ATS records and OVER/UNDER trends.

Here are a few examples of what you can look up to better inform your next bet:

NBA Head-To-Head Data

NBA Back-To-Back Data

In the era of load management, back-to-back data is critical for informing your NBA bets. Star players might receive a rest in this case, and while it's not an exact guarantee of victory, it can improve your odds before the oddsmakers adjust their lines.

  • For example, how do the star-laden Suns perform (SU or ATS) in the second leg of back-to-back games?
  • Are the Pacers a sneaky profitable bet in the first game of a back-to-back slate?

NBA Team vs Division / League Data

  • What is the Philadelphia 76ers' ATS record vs Atlantic Division rivals over the last three seasons?
  • How well do the Lakers perform as underdogs vs Eastern Conference teams?

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