NHL Player Props

What is an NHL Player Prop?

An NHL player prop is a bet on a how specific player will perform in a game. You can even find futures player prop markets which ask you to wager on a player's stats over a full season.

For example, you can bet on how many goals Edmonton Oilers phenom Connor McDavid might score against the Calgary Flames on a Monday night or how many goals he'll score over a full 82-game season.

How to bet NHL Player Props?

Start by heading to your favorite sportsbook and find the game you are looking to bet on. There you'll find a tab or section for player props. Once you've found it you'll see the full list of player prop markets available for that game.

Here's how a player prop might look at your sportsbook:

Will Alex Ovechkin score a goal?

Yes -110

No -150

Backing Ovie to score a goal at -110 would net you $9.09 in profits on a $10 winning bet. Bookmark our odds calculator to know exactly how much your wager might pay out before you make it.

Player Props for NHL

You'll find a number of player prop markets to bet on for all 1,300+ NHL games in a regular season (and then the playoffs). Here are just some of the markets you'll find.


There are a few different NHL goal props in every game. You'll find the typical OVER/UNDER market where you can wager if a player will score more or less than the line set by the books.

But you can also find any time goal odds. The value in this market is typically lower, but still good enough not to ignore it, ever for superstar goal scorers like Ovie.

Power Play Goals

Did you find a hot power play? Maybe you should back a specific player to score a power play goal on that hot man advantage. Much like the goal market, here you'll wager if a player will score more or less power play goals than the books suggest.

The value is always excellent. For good reason, even the best-ever power play only converts ~30% of the time.


The points prop bet asks you to wager if a player will score OVER or UNDER the set line placed by the sportsbook. The line is different for each player. You might find most skater's line at 0.5 but McDavid might be at 1.5 or 2.5 points.


Found a player who stands in the way of more rubber than the goalie? Great. You can bet on him blocking more or less shots than the line set by the book.


This is the same as the blocks market but for goalies! So make sure to find a shot-stopper whose team allows a lot of pucks to get on the net and an opponent that averages a lot of shots on the net.

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