Best Sportsbooks with Online Poker

Sports betting and poker have always gone together like peanut butter and jelly. Some of the biggest sports bettors in the world are poker players and vice versa. Sportsbooks and poker sites are enjoyed by recreational players around the world and they both require a combination of luck and skill. Fortunately there are plenty of online sites that offer both online poker and sports betting.

Why Play Poker on Sports Betting Sites?

Online poker and sports betting have always been always been closely connected as they share almost the exact same demographic.

Sports betting on the Internet closely paralleled No-Limit Hold'em's rise to mainstream attention in the early 2000s. That’s why many sports betting operations diversified into poker around the same period.

Now that sports betting has been gaining momentum it’s the big poker sites that have been getting into sports betting.

Fortunately the reciprocal relationship between online poker and sports betting has benefited players on either side.

It’s particularly beneficial for long-time poker players who get to compete with brand-new poker players coming from sports sites. Meanwhile sports bettors get something to do while they are waiting for the latest points spread or lineup.

What to Look for in Sports Betting, Online Poker Sites

If there’s one thing that’s absolutely paramount to both poker sites and sportsbooks it’s trust.

There’s no point in playing on a site where you aren’t 100% confident that your funds or bets are safe. That means a rock-solid platform in addition to excellent customer service.

Beyond trust there are a number of factors you should contemplate when trying to find a site that offers both sports betting and online poker.

For poker you want a site that has a big enough player base so that you’ll always be able to find a game. You’ll also want functional software so that you can bet, raise and fold with zero complications.

When it comes to sportsbooks you’ll want to do a little research and check out betting lines and point spreads (which you can do right here on OddsShark).

You’ll also want to take a look at the site’s prop odds, alternative points spreads and whether they post early or late.

With both sportsbooks and online poker sites you’ll also be looking for a good bonus to help you get started on a site.

For players looking to bet sports and play poker you’ll also be looking for a seamless experience between both activities. That means one account where you can easily withdraw or deposit funds.

Can I Use One Account for Poker and Sports Betting?

Yes. That’s the beauty of signing up with a site that offers poker and sports betting products.

Generally it’s just a few clicks and you should be off and running for either poker or sports betting if you already have an account.

Sometimes gaming companies will offer separate software clients for their sports betting and poker products but even that is usually quite easy. The downloads are relatively small and take a short amount of time to install.

It’s common for sports betting sites to use in-browser software, which means you won’t even have to download anything. You can just log-in using your online poker information.

This does vary somewhat between operators but most of the time it’s a seamless transition to go between activities.

How Are Sports Betting and Online Poker Similar?

They both involve using incomplete information to make an educated guess about an outcome.

Both activities involved a certain amount of luck and skill. They are also perfect for an online environment where you can place bets or check-raise opponents from the comfort of your own home.

You can improve vastly at both pursuits if you spend the time to learn proper strategy. Of course some players prefer to play casually and gamble on certain spots.

Some of the most famous poker professionals including Phil Ivey, Erick Lindgren and Haralabos Voulgaris have been known to place huge sports bets. If you’ve got a huge bankroll from poker you might as well diversify and make a few bets.

Of course there are also many ways the two are drastically different.

Poker is a game that takes place in real-time while sports betting consists of placing your wagers and then waiting to see how it all works out. In a poker game you’ll be making decisions on a minute-to-minute basis with rewards and losses both doled out instantly.

The bottom line is that poker and sports betting have very different tempos. That’s why it can be nice to switch things up with one or the other.

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