Every year the football betting elite participate in the Sportsbook SuperContest. Held during the NFL season, players have 17 weeks to correctly predict which teams will cover the spread with prizes totaling $1.4 million in the past.

This friendly competition is chock-full of professional and non-professional handicappers that are the best in the business. They don’t just bet on sports, they analyze and study trends to ensure that when they make an ATS pick, they make the right pick. For a small entry fee of $1,500 you too could enter the SuperContest and experience one of the most exciting ATS contests in North America. 

If you don’t live in the state of Nevada, you can use a proxy service or friend or family member who is a resident to submit your picks on your behalf. Your proxy must show up each week in person.

This ever-expanding against the spread (ATS) picks event attracts bettors from all over looking to earn their place in SuperContest betting history. The contestant who earns the most points for the entire NFL regular season by reaching the top of the SuperContest standings is crowned the Sportsbook. There’s also the Mini-Contest and SuperContest Gold for sports bettors who are extra competitive during football season. Moreover, the top 100 finishers also receive cash prizes.

So, you’re probably asking what is it about SuperContest that attracts sports betting pros to Las Vegas every year? Let’s break it down.

SuperContest Rules

The rules of SuperContest are straightforward like a pass from Matt Ryan to Julio Jones. Every week, football handicapping pros pick five NFL games against the spread (on betting lines set by the Sportsbook Las Vegas SuperBook). For every correct pick, the contestant earns a single point. If you have to end up with a PUSH against the point spread, it’s worth half-a-point.

At the end of pro football season, whoever has the most points in the SuperContest standings wins. All entrants must be 21-years-old, and Sportsbook takes a small percentage of the entry fee, kind of like the juice an online sportsbook takes on your bets. However, Sportsbooks still collect 92 percent of the SuperContest payout.

You’re allowed to submit up to two entries and weekly picks are due each Saturday by 6:00 PM mobile or by 11:00 PM over the counter. Miss the deadline and you’re stuck with zero for the week, which will hinder your chances of winning. The 2019 SuperContest saw 3,328 entries, so if you miss one week, you are pretty much doomed.

The SuperContest opened Monday, January 13, 2020 at 9:00 AM and ends Sunday, January 3, 2021. Entry fees for the Sportsbook Las Vegas SuperContest concluded at 3:00 PM on Saturday, September 12, 2020.

Finding a SuperContest Proxy

Although, many sports bettors wish we could live in Vegas year-round, we unfortunately cannot. So, we installed a SuperContest proxy to submit picks on Team Odds Shark’s behalf. If you are looking to participate in the 2020 SuperContest and don’t live in the state of Nevada, you can get a proxy to submit your picks for you.

You can use the help of a professional proxy service or ask a friend or relative to help you out in Vegas. Your SuperContest proxy must register with you in person, but afterwards they can submit your weekly picks for you.

SuperContest Payouts

With the entry fee of $1,500, it’s easy to see why football bettors across North America love the Sportsbook SuperContest. The more entrants there are, the higher the prize payouts will be. Look at it this way, if only 1500 teams participate in the SuperContest, there’s still a purse of $2,250,000.

Sure, it’s pocket change for a millionaire, but for the average sports bettor, it’s a huge pay day. SuperContest payouts are awarded at the end of the NFL season.

SuperContest Prize Pool Highlights and Past Sportsbooks

The Sportsbook Las Vegas SuperContest officially began in 1988, but we won’t go back that far. Let’s keep it fairly recent and revisit 2004 when the Patriots won their second Super Bowl and Bennifer had just ended their romance.

That year saw 411 entries with the first-place winnings split three ways between LetItRideSports.com, Group A, and Tiger Wilson. Each put up 52.5 points on the season and collected $131,520 for their ATS savviness.

In 2005, it was Blue Team that walked away as the solo Sportsbook, earning $303,000 in the Las Vegas contest that attracted 505 entries. First place shares for the next six years ranged from $196,800 to $310,200.

Fast-forward to 2012 when SuperContest exploded with 745 entries. Al Sr. was crowned champion and grabbed a prize of $447,000 after netting a score of 57.5.

In 2013, the Sportsbook SuperContest once again reached another level by attracting 1,034 entries. Sportsbook David Frohardt-Lane put up 57 points, taking home the top prize of $524,850. He also took home a $15,000 bonus for selecting 67 percent or better Sportsbooks on the season.

In 2014, CH BALLERS set an all-time SuperContest record with 76 percent Sportsbooks going 64-20-1 with a score of 64.5, and taking home $740,325 in the process.

Moving on to 2015, Rounding Again won the biggest grand prize ever of $914,175 with 60.5 points, going 59-23-4.

POPS2008 won $895,482 in 2016 with a score of 55.5 (54-28-3). Furthermore, Team Odds Shark member Paulo Atunes had the best finish in team history with 54. Not too shabby.

The overall Sportsbook in 2017 was Grannys Boy who took home a nice pay day of $1.3 million. By going 58-22-5 and scoring 60.5, he doesn’t have to work again in his life.

In 2018, Personal Gourmet found himself $1.4 million richer due to his 70.2 points and record of 59-25-1.

The 2019 SuperContest had a record 3,328 contestants vie for a share of $4,592,640. IT AINT BREEZY clinched the big check by selecting 69.8 percent Sportsbooks with a 58-25-2 record, and collecting a record $1,469.644.80. CRISPR finished second with a 56-26-3 record and collected $505,190.40. PRO’S AND CON’S came in third with a record of 55-28-2 and received $275,558.40

The SuperContest Gold Champion was WALTER PAYTON with a record of 53-31-1 to walk away with $585,000. And the champion of the new SuperContest Reboot was FISHERMAN with a record of 31-12-2 claiming $44,840.

The ultimate NFL handicapping contest should see payouts consistently topping $1 million in the years to come. Whether you’re taking part in the SuperContest yourself or simply a fan, we’ll keep you updated during the competition to let you know how Team Odds Shark is doing.

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