Conference vs Non-Conference Game Betting

College basketball betting is really about four seasons:

  1. The non-conference schedules
  2. The conference schedules
  3. The postseason, including the conference tournaments and the NCAA Tournament
  4. The part of the year where we revisit Blue Chips and debate the merits of Shaq’s performance

We’ll take a look at the differences between betting on the first two parts of the college basketball slate, non-conference and conference schedules. Unfortunately, we will not cover Shaq’s performance here but rest assured, we’re into it.

Betting the Non-Conference Schedule

Tournament hopefuls use the non-conference schedule to pad their resume and build some confidence and cohesion heading into league action. Lack of history between the schools and/or roster turnover from the previous season – when seniors graduate or lucky players get drafted into the NBA – makes handicapping these games difficult.

Beware of the mid-major with something to prove in non-conference games. Teams from the power conferences might be looking to coast, but mid-majors know a win over a big program can be all they need to book a ticket to the big dance – not the prom, this isn’t high school hoops.

Early in the year, bettors are often forced to rely on what they know about a team from the previous season in handicapping non-conference games. If you’re an NCAA basketball super fan, this may not be a problem. For those who aren’t super fans but still want to place some wagers on college basketball, Odds Shark’s NCAAB pages can help you become a better bettor. We have betting trends, free picks, odds and anything else you’d need to handicap your conference vs non-conference bets.

Betting the Conference Schedule

The conference schedule presents a different beast – a sasquatch-like creature that John Lithgow accidentally hit with his car but nursed back to health until it became a part of the family. Harry and the Hendersons references aside, the teams and the coaches are familiar with each other and their respective styles, rivalries, motivation and the revenge factor can play into which team wins against the point spread.

Don’t forget about the hard statistics either, but remember that conference games bring out the best in a feisty underdog – especially when on their home court against a hated rival. Winning more college basketball bets requires an understanding of the difference between handicapping college basketball conference vs non-conference games.

NCAA Basketball Betting and Home-Court Advantage

Home-court advantage is huge in college basketball, whether it’s a non-conference or conference matchup. Teams that travel are more prone to fatigue and are often worth fading. Home teams have the backing of their fans and school spirit which can not only give them more energy, but they’re also well-rested because they didn’t have to travel for the game.

Now that you have a better understanding of how to bet on conference vs non-conference college basketball games, check out our NCAAB picks to help shape your wagers.

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