South Region trends and computer predictions

South Region Trends, Computer Predictions

The Duke Blue Devils are the top seed in the South Region of the NCAA Tournament for 2015, but they're also 0-3 ATS in their last three Round of 64 matchups (losing two of those games outright) and 3-7 ATS in their Round of 64 matchups in their past 10 tournaments. Here's a look at the complete March Madness betting trends for the South Region of the 2015 tournament bracket.

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2015 NCAA Tournament South Region Betting Trends

South - Duke (1)
Duke 0-3 ATS past three Marches in Round of 64, losing twice outright
Duke 3-7 ATS past 10 Marches in Round of 64
Duke 12-1 SU, 8-5 ATS to end the season
UNDER is 8-1 past 9 times Duke faced No. 16 seed

South - North Dakota State (15) vs Gonzaga (2)
Gonzaga 25-1 SU past 26 games
North Dakota State 10-2 SU run to end season
Gonzaga 4-1 ATS past five Round of 64 games

South - UAB (14) vs Iowa State (3)
Iowa State won five straight to end the season
Iowa State is 6-2-1 ATS past nine games as favorite
UAB covered eight straight as underdogs since January
UAB won outright five of past six games as underdog
Iowa State 7-1 SU, 6-2 ATS in Round of 64 games since 1996

South - Eastern Washington (13) vs Georgetown (4)
Georgetown ended year on 1-5 ATS run
Georgetown failed to cover five straight when favored
EWU finished year on 18-4 SU run
OVER is 6-1 past seven EWU games
Georgetown are 1-5 SU and ATS past six tournament games

South - Stephen F. Austin (12) vs Utah (5)
SFA 28-1 SU last 29 games of season
Utah just 3-4 SU, 2-5 ATS past seven games as favorite
Utah was upset by a 12 seed in 2009 (Arizona)
12 seeds are 10-5-1 ATS vs 5 seeds past four seasons
12 seeds went 3-1 SU past two seasons vs 5 seeds
2007 was the only year that 5 seeds swept the 12 seeds

South - UCLA (11) vs SMU (6)
SMU OVER is 7-2 past nine games when favored
SMU finished year on 17-2 SU run
UCLA 10-3 ATS final 13 games of season
UCLA covered five in a row as an underdog
UCLA was underdog 13 times this season, played UNDER 12 times in those games

South - Davidson (10) vs Iowa (7)
Davidson 10-1 SU, 9-2 ATS final 11 games of season
Davidson 7-1 ATS past eight games as underdog
Iowa 6-1 SU, 5-1-1 ATS final seven games of season
Davidson 7-2 ATS past nine tournament games
Iowa 0-4 SU and ATS past four tournament games

South - St. John’s (9) vs San Diego State (8)
San Diego State 8-2 SU final 10 games of season
St. John’s 0-5 ATS past five tournament games

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Florida hasn't lost since December 2 and they are favored to keep that win streak rolling through the end of 2014 March Madness. The senior-laden Gators face the Albany/Mount St. Mary's play-in game Sportsbook and if you think they might wilt under the pressure of the top seed, know this - the last time they were a No. 1 seed, they won their first game by 43 points.

The South Region sees a dangerous 13 seed in Tulsa, which faces UCLA. The Golden Hurricane are 17-3 ATS in their past 20 games this season and they are 7-1 ATS in eight recent Madness games. The 2 vs 15 clash matches a Kansas team on a 7-0 ATS streak when favored by 10 or more points against an Eastern Kentucky team that won its final seven games.

And 3 vs 14 is a clash of hot (Western Michigan is 9-2-1 ATS) and not (Syracuse is 1-6-1 ATS). Stephen F. Austin has won 28 straight games but they face a tough 5 seed in VCU, 12-2 ATS in their past 14 tournament games since 2004 and riding a 10-3 ATS to end the season.

2014 South Region Betting Trends

1 vs 16
Florida vs Play in Sportsbook
Has not lost since Dec. 2
Last time as a top seed, won first round game by 43 points (2007 vs Jacksonville)

2 vs 15
Kansas vs Eastern Kentucky
EKU ended year on 7-0 SU, 5-2 ATS streak
EKU 5-1 ATS past six games as underdogs this season
EKU Lost, but covered only two recent Madness games
Kansas 7-0, 6-1 ATS past seven as double-digit favorites

3 vs 14
Syracuse vs Western Michigan
WMU 9-2-1 ATS past 12 games
WMU 14-2 SU past 16 games overall
WMU first tourney game since 2004
Syracuse 1-6-1 ATS past eight games
Syracuse 2-7 ATS past nine games as favorites
Orange played five straight UNDERs in 2013 Madness
UNDER is 6-1 past seven first-round games for Syracuse

4 vs 13
UCLA vs Tulsa
Tulsa is 17-3 ATS past 20 games
UNDER is 9-3 past 12 Tulsa games
Tulsa 7-1 ATS past eight tournament games
Tulsa is 6-0 ATS in first-round games since 1996
UCLA is 10-3 ATS past 13 games as double-digit favorites

5 vs 12
VCU is 10-3 ATS past 13 games overall
VCU is 12-2 ATS past 14 tournament games since 2004
Stephen F. Austin won 28 straight games

6 vs 11
Ohio State vs Dayton
Dayton finished on 10-2 SU run, lost to St. Joe’s in A10 playoff
Ohio State ended year on 0-6 ATS run
OVER is 8-1 past nine Ohio State tournament games

7 vs 10
New Mexico vs Stanford
New Mexico 14-3 ATS run past 17 games
UNDER is 11-2 past 13 New Mexico games
New Mexico 3-9 ATS in March Madness since 1997
Stanford ended year on 1-5-1 ATS run
Stanford 1-5 ATS past six tournament games

8 vs 9
Colorado vs Pittsburgh
Colorado played five straight UNDERs to end the season
Colorado is 2-12 SU past 14 games as underdogs
Colorado 1-4 ATS in tourney games since 1997
Pitt finished on a 4-1-1 ATS run
8 seeds 8-0 SU and ATS when they are underdogs to 9 seeds
Pitt is 2-8 ATS past 10 tournament games


The South Region is the only bracket where the top seed is not favored to win the group. Kansas is the No. 1 seed, but third-seeded Florida is the big favorite, according to Sportsbook. "We have them projected ahead of Kansas at No. 1 and Georgetown at No. 2 and therefore the Gators are our favorite," said Kevin Bradley, sportsbook manager at "They probably deserve to be a No. 1 seed and we are treating the March Madness futures that way."

Indeed, the Gators are a money-making 9-3 ATS in their past 12 tournament games, but they have struggled lately to cover spreads (2-7 ATS). Kansas on the other hand has been terrific ATS. Georgetown, the 2 seed, has been good in the regular season but lousy at tournament time.

2013 South Region Betting Trends

Preview: Computer Prediction: 80-69 Kansas
Kansas 10-1 ATS past 11 games
Western Kentucky 7- SU, 6-2 ATS past 8 games
Kansas 9-1 ATS past 10 games as favorite
Kansas won and covered 5 in a row as double-digit chalk
UNDER is 9-2 past 11 Kansas tournament games

Preview: Computer Prediction: 78-73 UNC
North Carolina 8-3 ATS past 11 games
North Carolina 7-2 ATS past 9 games as favorite
Villanova 0-4 ATS past 4 tournament games (UNDER 4-0)

Preview: Computer Prediction: 82-80 VCU
VCU lost 7 in a row ATS away from home
Akron 6-2 ATS past 8 games as underdog
VCU 11-1 ATS past 12 tournament games

Preview: Computer Prediction: 82-78 Michigan
Michigan 2-10 ATS past 12 games
Michigan 2-9 ATS past 11 games as favorite
South Dakota State 14-3 SU past 17 games

Preview: Computer Prediction: 75-74 Minnesota
Minnesota 11-3 ATS past 14 games as underdog
Minnesota 2-9 ATS past 11 games
UCLA 2-6 ATS past 8 tournament games
OVER is 6-1 past UCLA tournament games
Minnesota 0-5 SU & ATS since 1997

Preview: Computer Prediction: 87-79 Gators
Florida 2-7 ATS past 9 games
UNDER is 8-1 past 9 Gator games
Northwestern State – no trends
Florida 9-3 ATS past 12 tournament games

Preview: Computer Prediction: 75-72 San Diego State
San Diego State 1-5 ATS past 6 games
Oklahoma OVER 10-1 past 11 games

Preview: Computer Prediction: 74-71 Hoyas
Georgetown 11-3-1 ATS past 15 games
Florida Gulf Coast 12-2 SU past 14 games
UNDER is 13-4 past 17 Georgetown tournament games
Georgetown 3-7 ATS past 10 tournament games

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