Strategy for Betting NCAA Preseason Tournaments

One of the most overlooked parts of the college basketball schedule for bettors and handicappers is the preseason tournament slate. Outside of those fans and sharps who follow NCAA hoops religiously, many let a golden wagering opportunity pass them by simply because the games take place during the heart of football season.

Preseason Tournaments Offer Betting Value

You cannot beat the sportsbooks if you are not playing these winnable games, so pay close attention to preseason tournaments knowing oddsmakers are so busy with the NFL and college football that the college basketball lines tend to be softer at this time of year.

Remember, value is there if you know where to look, and preseason tournaments are also the perfect time to start handicapping teams for the season ahead, both in terms of conference play and down the road in the NCAA Tournament.

In addition, betting preseason tournament games gives you an excellent chance to see where teams are in relation to the preseason hype and expectations. The preseason tournaments often serve up some intriguing matchups between elite programs from different conferences, giving you something on which to lean during March Madness.

Study Coaches and Players Early in the Season

In order to bet successfully on preseason tournaments, there are a few things to handicap beforehand. Start with looking at the head coaches, especially the new ones taking over downtrodden programs who are looking to hit the ground running and make an instant favorable impression with their players and the fans.

Backing these teams can pay dividends early on in preseason tournaments when the new winning attitude the coaches are trying to instill is first taking shape.

At the same time, schools with most of their starters returning tend to perform well in preseason tournaments as well because they are already familiar with each other. Veteran teams in college basketball are rare because so many star players leave school early for the NBA on an annual basis, so if you have the chance to take a senior-laden team in a preseason tourney game, it will more than likely pay off with a winning bet.

Don’t Overpay When Wagering on Popular Schools

Finally, remember that public programs are always overvalued by oddsmakers because bettors love them. Regardless of where Duke, North Carolina, Kansas, Kentucky and similar schools sit in terms of actual talent, they will always be supported by the betting public. Sportsbooks obviously know that and make bettors pay a higher price.

You can never start your homework too early in trying to win more NCAA basketball bets this year. Solid sports betting strategies begin with handicapping teams and games in November and December and build throughout the season. The earlier, the better off you and your bankroll will be by the time the NCAA Tournament tips off in March, when even more money can be made betting on college basketball if you know your stuff.

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