How can you profit off of Mitch Marner's point streak

How To Profit From Mitch Marner’s Point Streak

Mitch Marner has set the record for the longest point streak in Toronto Maple Leafs history at 22 consecutive games. The high-scoring winger has also posted at least one point in 27 of the Maple Leafs’ 29 games this season. Incredible. 

Through his 22-game point streak, Marner has put up 11 goals and 30 points, or 1.36 points per game, a pace that would see him record 112 points over a full season. That’s some pretty remarkable production from the 25-year-old.

Let’s break down how he’s put up these points, where they come from, and how you can profit from it.

Mitch Marner’s 22-Game Point Streak: We’re Going Streaking

Much of that output comes at 5-on-5. Marner has produced exactly half of those 30 points at full strength. The precise count is seven goals and eight assists. Of those eight assists, six are primary assists. That might sound like semantics, but there’s a reason secondaries are called “noise.”

On the power play, Marner has two goals and 10 assists. Eight of those helpers are secondary assists. On the penalty kill, he has picked up a goal and an assist. And he’s even got an empty-net goal in there.

Marner’s production through this record-breaking points streak:

Where Marner’s Points Come From
SituationGoalsAssists (Secondary)
5-on-576 (2)
Power Play22 (8)
Short-Handed10 (1)
Empty-Net Goals10

How long it goes on isn’t obvious but someone once told me that you never bet against a streak.

So now the big question is how can we profit from Marner’s point streak?

How Long Will Marner’s Streak Go?

Along with profiting on Marner’s streak game by game, we can also be a Debbie Downer by betting on when there will be a zero in the points column. 

When Will Marner’s Point Streak End?
Dec. 13Anaheim Ducks+300
Dec. 15 New York Rangers+450
Dec. 17Washington Capitals+650
Dec. 20Tampa Bay Lightning or Beyond+500

Now if you’re an optimist, there is money to be made if Mitch is able to surpass the Bolts game on Dec. 20. He will have a shot at the longest modern-day point streak of 26 games set by Patrick Kane in 2015. 

Game No. 27 would come at home against the Philadelphia Flyers. The odds for Marner to reach that modern-day record are at +700, and he still has a ways to go to catch No. 99, Wayne Gretzky, who holds the all-time record of 52 straight games with a point. 

How Long Will Marner’s Point Streak Last?
Number Of GamesYesNo
25+ Games+325-550
27+ Games (Modern-Day Record)+700-1600
30+ Games (Rest of 2022)+1200-7500
52+ Games (All-time Record)+4000-100000


Marner OVER 0.5 Points

As you can imagine, sportsbooks have responded to Mitch Marner’s point streak. In Toronto’s game tonight against the Anaheim Ducks, Marner’s odds to record at least one point are at -500. On a $100 bet, that returns a profit of $20 according to our odds calculator. That’s a sizable risk for a small return.

But how about the guys around him? Remember, Marner isn’t a goal-scorer by trade but a playmaker. Goals represent just over 33 percent of his production in this streak. The remaining 66 percent are obviously assists.

So who’s on the receiving end of those assists?

Indirect Profiting

John Tavares and Auston Matthews each have six goals off a Marner assist during his streak. That’s where you can make some money off Marner indirectly.

The anytime goal prop odds tonight on Matthews and Tavares are -165 and +125 respectively. That’s up to $125 worth of profits.

You can also venture back into the points props but instead of putting money on Marner, you can go with one of the guys he typically sets up or another one of the guys who benefit at the end of some of his production.

Tavares has profited the most, getting 11 points off Marner’s production, Matthews has eight points and William Nylander has six. Here are the odds for Tavares, Matthews and Nylander to put up at least one point tonight against the Ducks:

Profiting From Marner’s Point Streak
John Tavares-275$36.36
Auston Matthews-500$20.00
William Nylander-349$28.65

*Off a $100 winning bet

Now, this strategy doesn’t have to be limited to Mitch Marner’s point streak. You can apply it to any point streak, either current or in the future. Keep this in mind when trying to make any money off an NHL player’s point streak.

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