Sebastian Aho is one NHL player key for live betting success

NHL Players Key For Live Betting Success

The best athletes can put a team on their back. When they rise to the moment, their team finds a way to win. When they score, their squad finishes on top.

Now, we’ve found a way to profit off those players — at least in the NHL.

When looking at team win rates when specific players score, there are some clear outlier players in the National Hockey League. For example, when Colorado winger Gabriel Landeskog scores, the Avalanche are 20-1 this season (maybe there’s a reason he’s the captain).

Below, we break down the top players leading this trend and how to capitalize on these profits as a hockey bettor. You can lock in your NHL bets over at Sportsbook, or by clicking the button below:

When These Players Score, Their Team Wins

Top NHL Win Rates By Scoring Players

PlayerTeamRecord When ScoringWin Rate
Mason MarchmentFLA7-0100%
Gabriel LandeskogCOL20-195.2%
Sebastian AhoCAR17-194.4%
Mitch MarnerTOR14-193.3%
Patrik LaineCBJ13-192.9%

Data as of March 2, 2022 from Odds Shark’s database

Panthers Win When Marchment Scores

­After recording just 11 career points heading into 2021-22, Florida’s Mason Marchment has been a breakout star this season. In 28 games, the forward has 11 goals and 28 points, helping the Panthers become one of the best teams in hockey.

In the seven games Marchment has scored, the Panthers have outscored their opposition 37-17, winning by an average of 2.85 goals per game. So, not only should you be betting on the Panthers to win if Marchment pots one, taking Florida -1.5 is a pretty safe bet, too.

Landeskog A Key To Colorado Victories

The Colorado Avalanche are one of the best teams in the NHL, with some of the top odds to win the Stanley Cup. But when captain Gabriel Landeskog scores, they’re even better.

With a 74 percent win rate overall this season, the Avs jump up to 95 percent when Landeskog fills the net. Live-betting the Avs may not seem like great value, but they become a near lock when Landeskog scores.

Aho Historically Important For Canes

The Carolina Hurricanes began the season 17-0 when forward Sebastian Aho scored, until an upset overtime loss to the Detroit Red Wings on March 1. However, this isn’t just a one-time thing. The Carolina Hurricanes are 90-43 all-time when Aho finds the net. If you had bet $100 on the Carolina Hurricanes to win, you’d have profits of $3,020.32 in games Aho scored.

Live-bet on the Hurricanes to win the next time Aho scores over at Sportsbook:

Laine Best Value Among Key Goal Scorers

While most of the players atop this leaderboard play for some of the best teams in hockey, the Columbus Blue Jackets and Patrik Laine are a bit of an anomaly. Despite playing to just a 28-25-1 record, Columbus is 13-1 when Laine scores a goal. If you had bet $100 on the Blue Jackets to win in the 14 games Laine has scored in this year, you would have profits of $1,768.61.

One other detail to note is that there’s one team in particular that Laine terrorizes, with 15 goals in 16 career games against the St. Louis Blues. So, when the Blue Jackets next play the Blues (March 19, 2022), be sure to lock in your bets for Laine to score and the Blue Jackets to win!

Live NHL Betting: How To Capitalize On This Trend

The best and easiest way to bet on this information in an NHL betting environment is to keep your eyes on the scoreboards and be ready to live-bet. Live betting is betting on a prop or outcome of a specific game during the course of the game.

With the odds always changing on NHL games, you can try to lock in a bet on the Columbus Blue Jackets if Patrik Laine opens the scoring a few minutes into the game. Better yet, you can trust these betting trends and lock in a wager on the Carolina Hurricanes if Sebastian Aho scores to cut a lead from 2-0 to 2-1. While the best NHL sportsbooks will give you good value with the Canes losing, you know the Hurricanes are 17-1 when Aho finds the net.

You can check out our review of the best NHL sportsbooks for live betting to find the best site for you!

Teams To Bet Against

Another way to capitalize on this betting trend is to find opponents that these players often score against, and therefore their teams should often beat.

We pointed out one such team in the Blues, with Laine scoring 15 goals in 16 career games against St. Louis. Another team to note is the Minnesota Wild, against whom Gabriel Landeskog has more goals than any other club (20 in 49 games).

Use this new NHL betting information to inform your bets over at Sportsbook:

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