Jonathan Toews is a top name available in our NHL Trade Deadline Odds

NHL Trade Deadline Odds: Toews To Boston Makes Too Much Sense

We’re marching closer and closer to the most exciting date on the NHL calendar – the trade deadline. I know you might say the Stanley Cup Final marks the most exciting date on the calendar. But you’re wrong.

NHL fans are tribalistic in nature – they tune out when their team is out of the playoffs. At the trade deadline, though, everyone is watching, including fans of teams that are in the hunt for a Cup and fans whose teams are at the bottom of the standings. The trade deadline has everyone’s attention.

Let’s dive into the next team odds for some of the top players rumored to be available at the trade deadline.

Where Will Timo Meier Play After the 2023 Trade Deadline?

Timo Meier Post-Deadline Destination Odds
San Jose Sharks-200
New Jersey Devils+325
New York Rangers+700
Winnipeg Jets+700
Seattle Kraken+700
Buffalo Sabres+700


The Devils have the desire and should have the assets too. New Jersey is already eighth in the NHL with 175 goals, but how potent would Jersey’s top line be with the addition of Meier, who’s on pace for 47 goals and 80 points? It would be unmatched in the NHL. That’s the answer you’re looking for.

The Devils have the young assets a team like San Jose is looking for: Alexander Holtz, Dawson Mercer or even Simon Nemec. New Jersey would have to clear some money, but with so many expiring deals, I’m sure the Devils could attach enough money going the other way to make the financials work.

Dark-horse candidate: Seattle. The Kraken have the assets to make this work too. Does a package of Jordan Eberle, Shane Wright and a 2023 first-rounder not work here? 

Best Bet: New Jersey Devils (+325)

Where Will Jakob Chychrun Play After the 2023 Trade Deadline?

Jakob Chychrun Post-Deadline Destination Odds
Arizona Coyotes-200
Florida Panthers+500
Toronto Maple Leafs+500
St. Louis Blues+600
Los Angeles Kings+950
Edmonton Oilers+950
Colorado Avalanche+800


The drama surrounding Jakob Chychrun’s time with the Coyotes has reached a new height. Chychrun deleted all mentions of the Arizona Coyotes from his social media accounts. Does that mean he wants out ASAP? No. Apparently, he removed all mention of the Coyotes at last year’s draft. No one bothered to notice until now.

Look, it’s clear he’s on the block. He has been for a while. So does anyone finally trade for the defenseman? 

With 27 points in 35 games, Chychrun is back to the defenseman he was in ’20-21 so the Coyotes should get full value for him. And with a $4.6-million cap hit for the next two seasons after 2022-23, the ’Yotes can get a lot for him.

Toronto is a good bet here. The Leafs have a need for a defenseman. And if they’re willing to part with a prospect like Matthew Knies, a few picks and a roster player to make the money work, they’ll get the coveted puck mover. 

Best Bet: Toronto Maple Leafs (+500)

Where Will Alex DeBrincat Play After the 2023 Trade Deadline?

Alex DeBrincat Post-Deadline Destination Odds
Ottawa Senators-650
Chicago Blackhawks+650
Boston Bruins+850
Winnipeg Jets+700
Seattle Kraken+700
Buffalo Sabres+700


I can’t believe Ottawa would move DeBrincat after sending a seventh overall pick, a second-rounder and a third-rounder to Chicago just seven months ago for the sniper.

DeBrincat isn’t putting up the same numbers he was putting up in Chicago and he’s on an expiring deal (facing RFA status, though). But the Sens can’t just give up on the young man now. If they do, there’s no way they recoup anywhere near the same draft capital they gave up to acquire him.

Staying with Ottawa is the right play here. At -650, there’s very little value in betting this line. Per our odds calculator, you’d get $15.38 in profits on a $100 bet. 

Best Bet: Ottawa Senators (-650)

Where Will Patrick Kane Play After the 2023 Trade Deadline?

Patrick Kane Post-Deadline Destination Odds
Chicago Blackhawks-160
New York Rangers+300
Boston Bruins+800
Toronto Maple Leafs+800
Colorado Avalanche+800
Dallas Stars+800
Edmonton Oilers+800


The Rangers have been linked to Kane for a while now. To make it work, they need to cough up a ton of assets not only to acquire Kane but to bring that massive cap hit down. How much will it cost for Chicago to hold 50 percent of Kane’s deal? Maybe a third team needs to be roped in to make this work for New York.

I can’t help but think Carolina is the right fit. They still haven’t replaced Max Pacioretty after he went down with a season-ending injury and, thanks to LTIR rules, the Hurricanes have some $10.1 million in cap space. They’d still have to get the Hawks to hold some money but it would be a fraction of what the Rangers would require.

Carolina sits second for expected goals (at 5-on-5) but is 16th in actual 5-on-5 goals in the NHL. Adding a former 40-goal scorer could be key for them in bridging the gap between creating goals and scoring them. 

You can’t get odds on the Hurricanes right now, but I bet if you asked your sportsbook, you might be able to get some.

Best Bet: Carolina Hurricanes (N/A)

Where Will Jonathan Toews Play After the 2023 Trade Deadline?

Jonathan Toews Post-Deadline Destination Odds
Chicago Blackhawks-160
Colorado Avalanche+375
Boston Bruins+375
Carolina Hurricanes+400
Winnipeg Jets+500


Doesn’t Jonathan Toews strike you as a guy who wants to end his career with the same team that drafted him? He certainly does to me. Toews recently stated that “parts of him” still want to end his career as a Blackhawk. He strikes me as one of those “good ole’ Canadian boys” that sacrifices it all for the team, even when the team is trying its hardest to be bad. 

But leaving might be the best thing he could do for the Hawks. They could get a king’s bounty by trading away their captain. 

Look at what Philadelphia got from Florida for Claude Giroux last year: Owen Tippett (2017 10th overall pick), a 2024 first-round pick and a 2023 third-round pick. That’s a heck of a pull for a guy in his mid-30s on an expiring deal.

Tell me this situation doesn’t have Boston Bruins written all over it. The Bruins need center depth. Can you imagine a better group of centers than Patrice Bergeron, David Krejci, Jonathan Toews and Charlie Coyle? 

With 28 points in 46 games, Toews is still playing like a 50-point player and is winning an absurd 63.3 percent of his faceoffs. With Toews in the lineup, Boston would never lose another faceoff!

The Bruins will need a third team to soak up some of Toews’ $10.5-million cap hit. You know they’ll find it and get this trade done. 

Best Bet: Boston Bruins (+375)

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