2019 CrossFit Games Odds

Odds to Win the 2019 CrossFit Games

The 13th annual CrossFit Games begin Thursday, August 1, at the Alliant Energy Center in Madison, Wisconsin. Mat Fraser looks to join Rich Froning Jr. and become only the second man to win four CrossFit Games. Froning won four straight from 2011 to 2014 while Fraser has won the last three.

Meanwhile, on the women’s side, Tia-Clair Toomey aims to become the first to win three Games as she has won in back-to-back years.

Due to his recent dominance, Fraser is the -375 favorite to win the men’s side and Toomey is a -110 favorite on the women’s side.

Online sportsbook Sportsbook has Mat Fraser as the favorite at -375 followed by Patrick Vellner at +350, Brent Fikowski and Bjorgvin Karl Guomundsson at +1500, Noah Ohlsen at +2500, Travis Mayer, Cole Sager and Willy Georges at +3000 and Scott Panchik and James Newbury at +5000 to round out the top 10 men on the oddsboard.

Sportsbook has Tia-Clair Toomey favored on the women’s side at -110 followed by Sara Sigmundsdottir at +300, Katrin Davidsdottir at +600, Annie Thorisdottir and Laura Horvath at +800, Sam Briggs at +2500 and Kari Pearce, Jamie Greene, Kristin Holte, Brooke Wells and Dani Speegle at +3000 to round out the top women on the oddsboard.

Mat Fraser and Tia-Clair Toomey

Fraser put on a dominant performance in the Open this year, finishing top three in the nation in four of the five events, including two wins, with his only “bad” performance being a 59th-place finish in the 19.1. No other athlete had multiple wins.

The 29-year-old finished second in the first two years that he competed in the Games, behind Rich Froning in 2014 and Ben Smith in 2015. Since then, he has won nearly every competition he has been in, including three straight Games, four straight regionals/qualifiers, and three of the last four Opens. Barring any major setbacks, it’s hard to bet against Fraser.

There may be tremendous value on Toomey ahead of these Games at -110 as she shines the brightest on the big stage. We have seen the Australia native do well in the Open but she would always finish outside of the top 10. However, she finished on the podium in all four of the regionals she participated in and has finished first or second in her four Games appearances.

That being said, she took a step forward in the Open this year, finishing sixth overall and once again won the qualifier at Wodapalooza. She continues to improve every time we see her and is nearing the prime of her career and it wouldn’t be crazy to see her win the CrossFit Games for a few more years in a row.

Value Outside of the Favorites

On the men’s side, there is one particular athlete who’s providing excellent value and that is Bjorgvin Karl Guomundsson at +1500. The Iceland native is ranked second worldwide, which is the highest ranking he’s had since ranking fourth in 2017.

In the Open this year, his worst workout finish was 32nd and he finished second overall with 93 points, 75 points less than third-placed Jacob Heppner. Last year in the Games at the age of 25, he finished fifth with his worst finish being 15th. So with one more year of planning and building strength, I think he might give Fraser a run for his money.

The women’s division is a lot more open and there are two on the list that I believe may be providing more value than Tia-Clair Toomey. The first is Sara Sigmundsdottir at +300. The Iceland native has been one of the elites in the sports over the last four years, winning three regionals and one Open and has two third-place finishes at the Games.

She had to withdraw from last year’s Games after the first event due to injury, but she is back with a vengeance, it seems, winning the Open and the qualifier, finishing in the top five in three of the five Open events.

My second value pick on the women’s side is the only woman to win two Open events this year and that’s Kari Pearce at +3000. Although she has never won a major competition in her career, she was the Open runner-up in 2017, with just four points more than Sara Sigmundsdottir that year, and she is coming off a sixth-place finish at the Games last year.

She had a great Open this year, finishing eighth, and as I said above, she was the only woman to win multiple workouts. If she can get a win or two at the Games, she could be money in the bank.

Here’s a look at all the odds for the 2019 CrossFit Games:

To Win 2019 CrossFit Games - Men
Mat Fraser-375
Patrick Vellner+350
Brent Fitkowski+1500
Bjorgvin Karl Guomundsson+1500
Noah Ohlsen+2500
Travis Mayer+3000
Cole Sager+3000
Willy Georges+3000
Scott Panchik+5000
James Newbury+5000

Odds as of July 31 at Sportsbook

To Podium at 2019 CrossFit Games - Men
Mat Fraser-2000
Patrick Vellner-150
Lukas Hogberg+175
Brent Fitkowski+275
Bjorgvin Karl Guomundsson+275
Noah Ohlsen+375
Cole Sager+375
Travis Mayer+1000
Willy Georges+1000
Scott Panchik+1000
James Newbury+1000

Odds as of July 31 at Sportsbook

To Win 2019 CrossFit Games - Women
Tia-Clair Toomey-110
Sara Sigmundsdottir+300
Katrin Davidsdottir+600
Annie Thorisdottir+800
Laura Horvath+800
Sam Briggs+2500
Kari Pearce+3000
Jamie Greene+3000
Kristin Holte+3000
Brooke Wells+3000
Dani Speegle+3000
Bethany Shadburne+4000

Odds as of July 31 at Sportsbook

To Podium at 2019 CrossFit Games - Women
Tia-Clair Toomey-350
Sara Sigmundsdottir-150
Laura Horvath+150
Katrin Davidsdottir+150
Annie Thorisdottir+250
Kari Pearce+600
Jamie Greene+600
Sam Briggs+600
Kristin Holte+600
Brooke Wells+600
Dani Speegle+1100
Bethany Shadburne+1600

Odds as of July 31 at Sportsbook

Will Mat Fraser Win the 2019 CrossFit Games?

Odds as of July 31 at Sportsbook

Will Tia-Clair Toomey Win the 2019 CrossFit Games?

Odds as of July 31 at Sportsbook

Who Will Finish Higher?
Patrick Vellner-150
Brent Fitkowski+123

Odds as of July 31 at Sportsbook

Who Will Finish Higher?
Katrin Davidsdottir-115
Annie Thorisdottir-105

Odds as of July 31 at Sportsbook

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