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Credit cards are one of the default payment methods, accepted widely at poker sites online. Among the most convenient options for players, credit cards such as MasterCard, VISA and American Express are issued globally, and acceptable payment methods for funding your bankroll across a huge range of sites. It is often also possible to withdraw directly to your credit card, affording the full range of flexibility for those who choose to handle their banking in this way.

Take advantage of the flexibility of credit in funding your bankroll, plus a suite of safety measures built in to credit card products, ideal for protection against fraud.

Best Credit Card Poker Sites

Credit Card Advantages
  • Widely accepted payment method, supported by a huge range of poker sites
  • Ideal for international customers, issued and accepted worldwide
  • Process deposits and withdrawals with ease, direct to your card
  • In-built fraud protection mechanisms, so you can chargeback if required
  • Fund your bankroll from credit, for more flexible access to poker capital when you need it
  • Speedy processing of deposits and withdrawals, so you can focus on your game
  • Fund now, pay later, for instant access to funding for your play
  • Supports larger deposit limits at most online poker sites than with other payment methods
Credit Card Disadvantages
  • There may be some processing fees to pay. Most sites will not charge extra for credit card deposits and withdrawals, but you may be required to pay some fees to your credit card provider, depending on the type of card you hold
  • Funding your bankroll on credit means you may incur interest if you don’t clear the balance every month. But with minimum payments, you can spread the time required to pay back any deposits


Depositing through credit cards is a straightforward process. Initially, most sites will stipulate minimum and maximum deposit and withdrawal levels respectively. With credit cards, these are traditionally set at a higher threshold than with other banking methods, with the ability to increase limits over time after a number of successful deposits.

Funding your bankroll on a credit card allows you to take advantage of in-built security features, including chargebacks — the ideal protection against fraudulent sites. As a result, many poker players favor using their credit cards to test out new sites and make initial deposits at least, as a more secure way of transferring funds online.


Credit card withdrawals are often processed promptly, with the added advantage of being able to actually access your funds as soon as payment has been completed. With e-wallets, typically there is a secondary processing delay, when moving funds from your e-wallet to your bank account. With credit cards, this simply isn’t an issue — you have access to your funds via ATMs or any outlet that accepts credit card payments, so you can immediately get access to or spend your winnings once they’ve been processed.

Credit Card FAQs

Here are a few common questions we've heard bettors ask about credit cards:

How Secure are Credit Cards?

Credit cards are among the most secure payment methods for handling online deposits and withdrawals. The unique security features of credit cards give you additional recourse against fraud and theft, so you are totally secure trying new sites.

Will My Card Get Banned?

It wasn’t unheard of in the past. But with poker in particular now a mainstream form of gambling, there is little to no chance of getting your card banned. The main card companies recognize and support payments of this kind, so you should have no concerns.

Am I Better Using a Credit or Debit Card?

Debit cards can only use the balance available on them, with no agreed limit available. Similarly, there are no security features on debit cards in the same way as credit cards, but the fees payable to the card provider are sometimes smaller or non-existent with debit cards.

Which Credit Card Should I Use?

Most major credit cards will be accepted, and depending on the poker site there may be little difference in the type of card you use to deposit and withdraw. As a recommended credit card, MasterCard is the most broadly accepted, with the widest range of features available for use with most poker sites.

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