Echecks, like paper checks, are a direct way to transfer funds from your bank account directly to the recipient account. In the context of online poker, echecks allow ultra-fast, highly secure deposits, which can be processed at a much lower cost than other forms of payment. The process for setting up echeck payments requires some additional information to be provided to your poker room of choice, but beyond that it is simple to transfer your money to and from your bankroll to meet your needs.

The security measures associated with echecks are second to none, and in many respects make this a safer way to conduct your banking than even credit cards. Digital fingerprints and payment tracking functionality make certain your money can never be accessed without authorization, while ensuring your funds make it to their end destination safely. With a low cost profile and quick turnaround from payment to credit, increasingly more poker players are choosing echeck as their default payment method.

Echeck Advantages
  • Highly secure method of payment, with security measures even beyond those available with credit cards
  • Quicker turnarounds than paper checks, for direct bank-to-bank fund transfers
  • Minimal fees applicable, apart from the low costs associated with the echeck itself
  • Widely accepted across different poker sites, for use by players internationally
  • Eligible for the same level of deposit bonuses, loyalty bonuses and other incentives
  • No middlemen involved in the process, reducing applicable commissions and time delays between payment and credit
Echeck Disadvantages
  • Requires a checking account, and in most cases some additional forms of personal ID for withdrawals
  • Withdrawal process can take a little longer at some poker sites, depending on the site in question
  • Less flexible payment method than e-wallets, for example


Depositing through echeck is straightforward, and once you’ve sent your first deposit in this way, you’ll find it becomes much easier to do subsequent deposits. Echecks don’t take as long as paper checks to clear, and your funds are credited to your account as soon as your payment is processed. There are no additional fees to pay for depositing through echeck, save for the cost of sending the check itself. With a major focus on security and protecting your identity and banking data, these deposits are among the most secure you can possibly make — ideal for players trying out new poker sites for the first time.


You may be asked to provide verification of your identity and banking information, as a standard part of the process when withdrawing via echeck. This is beyond the control of the poker site, which is required to undertake these steps for compliance reasons. Once you’ve received your first successful withdrawal by echeck, it becomes considerably easier to use this method to withdraw funds in future, directly and securely to your nominated bank account.

Echeck FAQs

There are some common questions in regards to poker and echecks:

Can I Withdraw via Echeck?

Yes, although the first withdrawal by echeck often takes a little longer to set up. This is because you will be required to provide further ID, and supporting information for your bank account where requested. Echecks can only be issued to and by those with a valid checking account, and as a result you will be asked to provide additional proof of this before your withdrawal can be sanctioned. Once you’ve completed the first payment, however, it becomes significantly easier to use this method going forward.

What Are The Fees For Echeck Processing?

The fees are negligible, and usually only the small fees for the echeck itself. It is highly unlikely you will be charged any additional fees by your chosen poker site, but it is worth checking this out before settling on echeck as your payment and withdrawal method.

Are Echeck Payments Eligible For Bonus Deposits?

There are bonuses available for players, virtually regardless of how they choose to deposit their funds. Echecks are no different, so you are still eligible for any deposit bonuses, rakeback and loyalty programs when depositing and withdrawing in this way.

Are Echecks Secure?

The most secure form of payment, echecks benefit from a huge range of cutting-edge security features, including digital fingerprinting that limits any potential for fraud or data theft. Because the transaction is ultimately bank-to-bank, there is no third party involved that could jeopardize the integrity of your payment — it’s totally sealed and secured.


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