Canada’s answer to the perfect e-wallet for online poker, Instadebit is growing in popularity throughout North America. Payments are processed quickly, and the security methods built in to the product ensure that you can deposit and withdraw from your bankroll with ease. Speed of transaction is the core selling point for Instadebit, which, as the name suggests, aims for instantaneous debiting where possible. That means that as soon as your payment is approved by your poker site, it should be credited to your bankroll, or reflected in your Instadebit account, depending on whether you are depositing or withdrawing your funds.

Best InstaDebit Poker Sites

The emphasis on security and privacy with Instadebit means players can rest assured in the knowledge that their money and details are safe from fraud and interception, reassuring for those making their first deposits online. With no additional fees to pay, the Instadebit service is equivalent to Skrill and other e-wallets for users in Canada.

Instadebit Advantages
  • Ideal solution for Canadian players, as a trusted alternative to other e-wallets
  • Fast payment processing for both deposits and withdrawals, so you spend less time waiting for your money to clear
  • Low-cost service, with few (if any) additional charges along the way
  • Similar functionality to other e-wallets, including some that may not otherwise be available to Canadian players
  • Highly secure, with advanced technologies for combating fraud and data theft
  • Supported across an ever-increasing number of poker sites
Instadebit Disadvantages
  • Only available to Canadian residents with Canadian bank accounts
  • Not yet accepted as widely as many other similar payment methods


For Canadian players, Instadebit opens up the potential for lightning-fast deposit times, which are instantly reflected in your account on approval. Poker sites tend to prefer dealing with e-wallets as a secure, low-risk method of transacting, resulting in shorter processing times, lower (if any) fees, and greater flexibility in how you manage your deposit. Instadebit deposits, where available, are still eligible for the full range of bonuses and deposit incentives, as with other sources of funding.


Instadebit withdrawals are similarly instant, as soon as they have been approved by the issuing poker site. While you may be required to provide some verification of your Canadian credentials, this process is usually a first-time formality, speeding things up for future withdrawals. Once your money has reached your Instadebit account, you can hold the balance for spending elsewhere, or withdraw again to your bank account for full control over your funds.

Instadebit FAQs

There are some common questions that arise when setting up an Instadebit account for poker:

How Safe Is Instadebit?

The Instadebit infrastructure is designed to limit outside threats, keeping your personal information and your money as safe as possible. The instant transfer times mean you can keep a close eye on your money in both directions, without having to share your sensitive data with any other third party — including the poker site you’re transacting with.

How Long Does It Take To Process Transactions?

Transaction times for players using Instadebit are among the shortest of any payment methods. As soon as your payments have been approved, you should see these reflected in your bankroll, and in your Instadebit account. You can then withdraw your money from there to your linked bank account for ease of access.

How Widely Accepted Is Instadebit?

Instadebit is commonly accepted as a Canadian alternative to other e-wallets. However, it is far from being accepted universally, and only certain poker sites will be compatible with this type of payment.

Can I Still Qualify For Deposit Bonuses?

You are still eligible for deposit bonuses on any deposits coming from your Instadebit account. As a result, you’re free to benefit from the same extension to your bankroll, and the same incentives and rewards as players choosing other methods of depositing funds.


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