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EcoCard was born in 2000, which means it’s one of the oldest e-wallet payment platforms in existence. After 13 years in business, and with a growing and diverse customer base, the company decided to rebrand itself as ecoPayz in 2013. The company still uses that name, although their services have continued to evolve.

Best EcoCard Betting Sites

Customers are situated around the globe, although those living in Canada and the United State won’t be able to use the service to fund their online Sportsbook or casino accounts. There are plenty of EcoCard betting sites in Europe, however, so international customers can spend less time worrying about transaction speeds and more time looking for profitable underdogs. 

Whether you refer to it as EcoCard or ecoPayz, this global payment solution should be on your short list of possible deposit and withdrawal options. This review looks at some of the more important aspects of the service, including major selling points and how it stacks up against other deposit options.  

Why Choose EcoCard for Your Betting Site Deposits

To date, EcoCard has been processing payments for 15 years, giving them one of the strongest records in the industry. Once you’ve loaded money into your ecoAccount, it’s a simple matter to send it anywhere in the world. While EcoCard betting sites are a prime option, you can also use it to pay bills, order flowers, or even pay for take-out food. 

ecoPayz seeks out accreditations and licenses in order to demonstrate their value and reliability to customers. This is a welcome change of pace from most online payment services, and the following are some of the companies and organizations that have lent their approval to ecoPayz: Electronic Money Association, Data Security Standards, Payment Card Industry, MasterCard, United Kingdom Financial Conduct Authority, and the Information Commissioners Office. 

While a large number of their customers reside on the European continent, that doesn’t mean that the EcoCard only supports the Euro. In fact, accounts can be opened in up to 45 currencies, and these range from the Russian ruble to the Brazilian real. Deposit the same currency over and over, or select a new one every time at no additional charge. 

For customers on the go, the ecoAccount App allows instant access to an account via an iPad, iPhone, or Android device. It’s available at both Google Play and the Apple App Store, and it grants mobile customers privacy, security, and convenience without any extra charges. 

If you run into any problems, you can get in touch with a customer service representative from the company 24/7. They have a live support feature on the homepage, and this provides immediate communication regardless of which EcoCard betting site you’re using. 

EcoCard Betting Sites – What to Look for Before You Deposit

If a sportsbook falls into the “EcoCard betting site” category, it’s likely to have the company logo at the bottom of their homepage. Always check there first, and then follow that up with a visit to the cashier section if you’re unable to find it. 

Another item to check on is whether or not the EcoCard betting site charges any transaction fees. It’s customary for deposits to be free, as sportsbooks and casinos don’t want to do anything to discourage customers from putting money into an account. Withdrawals might be another matter, so make sure you’re aware of any potential charges and are willing to accept them. 

Without a doubt, the most important thing to look for before making a deposit is the overall reputation of the sportsbook or casino. An online gambling establishment should always pay their players on time, and they should also have a reputation for games that are fair. If you find a virtual book with numerous customer claims to the contrary, then it’s a good idea to renew your search. 

How Do Other Betting Site Deposit Methods Compare to EcoCard? 

According to EcoCard, all deposits and withdrawals are instant. This makes them the equal of any other e-wallet service, as well as being superior to slower methods like a bank wire transfer. Once the money has been transferred into your ecoAccount, it can be moved from one place to another in a heartbeat. 

The variety of accounts offered by the company is also a plus, with cards including the following levels: classic, silver, gold, platinum, and VIP. Each of these levels carries various perks and incentives, and it’s free to register.  If you’re going to do some serious gambling, you’ll need to move past the classic level, however, as it has a lifetime transaction limit of $2,500 EUR (while the others have no limit). 

As you’ve probably realized by now, EcoCard is one of the top options for virtual gamblers wanting to fund an account. If you’d like to take advantage of their services, just locate one of the many EcoCard betting sites on the Internet and get started.

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