Email Money Transfer Betting Sites

An email money transfer is a retail banking service that allows funds to be transferred from one personal account to another via an online banking service and email. The service is available to any resident of Canada who happens to bank at one of the following financial institutions: TD Canada Trust, Royal Bank of Canada, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Bank of Nova Scotia, and the Bank of Montreal.

Best Email Money Transfer Betting Sites

In order to take advantage of this service, you must have the following: an email address, access to online banking,  andan account at a participating Canadian bank. Before you can send a cash transfer, you’ll need to know the recipient’s name and email address.

Thanks to email money transfer betting sites, you can also use this service to fund your account at online sportsbooks and casinos. While the option isn’t commonly available, it does provide residents of the Great White North with an additional possibility for online gambling transactions.

Below, we’ll examine the basics of email money transfers, from their natural advantages to how they stack up against other methods of deposit.

Why Choose Email Money Transfer for Your Betting Site Deposits

There are a number of advantages to using email money transfer betting sites. In this section, we’ll look at some of the most notable examples.

Using this method allows you to save time and money. You don’t have to write out checks, and you also don’t have to pay for the cost of a stamp. It’s cheaper than a bank draft or money order, and you don’t have to wait for the bank to approve the transfer.

The service is secure, as a dedicated payment network is used to transfer money to where it’s supposed to go. This method also asks the sender a personal security question, which makes certain that the cash transfer arrives at the proper destination. 

Most of all, using an email money transfer is convenient. While the service is fast, it can also be used by anyone with a Canadian dollar bank account. In addition to funding a sportsbook or casino account, it can be used to pay the rent, reimburse a friend, or send a cash gift to a family member. And unlike most transactions associated with a bank, the service is available 24/7. 

Email Money Transfer Betting Sites – What to Look For Before You Deposit

Before you make a deposit to one of the email money transfer betting sites out there, it’s important to run down a short checklist to make sure your experience is going to be a pleasant one. 

The primary item on your checklist should be whether or not the site accepts email money transfers as a valid way to fund your account. You’ll likely find that most sites don’t accept this method, which means you’ll either need to look elsewhere or choose a different way to get cash into your sports betting account. This can be determined by visiting the cashier section of the gambling site and perusing the various deposit options. 

Another item to be aware of is possible fees associated with transfers. With most instances of email money transfers, there’s a network fee of less than $2. Stopping payment on an e-transfer may cost in the range of $3.50 with some services. Before you sign up, make sure that you find such charges acceptable. 

You may also want to look at the selection of betting options before signing up. Does the sportsbook allow wagers on athletic competitions from around the globe, or is it more limited in scope? Do they focus on single-game bets, or can punters select from parlays and other multi-game options? 

Finally, there’s the all-important reliability test. Can you rely on the site to provide fast payments, competitive odds, and fair service? Before giving the site any money, be sure to read numerous reviews from customers and watchdog sites. Don’t rely on random reviews that rank high in Google, as these are likely generated by the sportsbook itself or one of their affiliate members. 

How Do Other Betting Site Deposit Methods Compare to Email Money Transfer? 

When it comes to speed, email money transfer betting sites offer services that are comparable to most other instantaneous options. As soon as the necessary information is entered, the customer has almost immediate access to their funds. 

While the service isn’t always free to use, its low cost makes it superior to more expensive options like bank drafts and money orders. By the same token, deposit options such as debit and credit cards are better because they’re free to use. 

The area where email money transfers come up short is in availability. They can only be used by those with a Canadian bank account, and the number of sportsbooks and casinos that accept them are relatively small.

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