Odds Shark breakdown of specialized bets in one sport

Specialize in One Sport

Sportsbooks offer all kinds of events to bet on all year long. September brings NFL and college football that runs through January; October brings the NBA and NHL that run through June; November brings college basketball highlighted at the end of the season by March Madness; and the MLB rolls around in April, giving us daily baseball through October.

The menu also includes niche betting opportunities in popular sports such as auto racing, golf and tennis, not to mention boxing and mixed martial arts.

So with so many betting options almost always overlapping, it is easy to get overwhelmed and spread yourself thin, betting a little bit of everything year-round. But some of the world’s best sports bettors spend most (or all) of their time honed in on one specific sport.

Choose Your Sport for Betting 

Bookmakers are extremely sharp; they have to be, or they wouldn’t stay in business long. But in order to keep up with customer demands, they have to offer lines on everything. It is you the bettor who is in control of what you decide to focus on to boost your bankroll.

By giving all of your focus to a single sport and doing your due diligence, you can find great value on lines on a regular basis. Remember that public perception factors into the making of point spreads and moneylines as well; if you are way ahead of the public in terms of knowledge on a specific sport, you can spot attractive lines that the average bettor might not.

During the offseason of a specific sport, most bettors just switch gears and focus on the active sports. They figure they can just “catch up” on the offseason later. Meanwhile, if you are keeping up with daily happenings, personnel changes, prospect development, transactions, etc., on a year-round basis, you will have a huge advantage over the public (and maybe even some sportsbooks as well).

But your edge isn’t only at the beginning of the season. On a busy sports week, sportsbooks and bettors are all over the place. They may overlook an injury to a key bench player that you know may have a serious impact on the game. With ruthless focus on a single sport, you too can find bookmakers’ mistakes and capitalize on them.

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