How to Start with Bitcoin

There are a few steps involved when getting started with Bitcoin:

  1. Create a Betting Account with your favorite Sportsbook.
  2. Set up a Wallet.
  3. Establish an Exchange Account.
  4. Buy Bitcoin on the Exchange.
  5. Send Bitcoin to your Wallet.
  6. Deposit into your Betting Account.

Create A Betting Account

Create a Betting Account with your favorite Betting Site.

A pair of mobile screenshots describing how to set up Bitcoin with a sportsbook

Set Up A Wallet

Next, you’ll need a wallet to store, send, and receive Bitcoin. There are many to choose from, and we recommend Exodus.

Establish An Exchange Account

Once you have your wallet, you’ll want to buy some Bitcoin. This is typically done on an exchange, which is like a stock market for cryptocurrencies. We recommend using Coinbase.

Buy Bitcoin On The Exchange

Now that you’ve created a wallet and exchange account, you’re ready to buy Bitcoin through your Coinbase account.

Send Bitcoin To Your Wallet

Now that you’ve bought Bitcoin, you’ll want to send it to your wallet to keep it safe and secure.

Deposit Into Your Betting Account

With Bitcoin in your wallet, you’re ready to make a deposit into your betting account.

Bitcoin symbol in gold