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Eco Card Casinos

An Eco card is basically a pre-paid credit or debit card tied to an account that operates much like an e-wallet. If you are familiar with Paypal, Skrill or Neteller, an Ecocard account is much like one of those accounts but the transfer of money from your Eco card account to merchants is accomplished by using a pre-paid card with the MasterCard logo. This may sound a little complicated but it really is simple and straightforward. You sign up for an account, send money to fund the account, they send you an Ecocard and you are set up to start spending your money. While the main focus of this page is about using your Eco card account to make deposits at online casinos, you can use it at thousands of other businesses around the world as well.

Why Use an Eco card

There are two main reasons that you may consider using an Eco card account. The first reason is a matter of safety, which is discussed in further detail below. The other reason is because sometimes you can’t get a credit card accepted at an online casino and you can get an Eco card accepted. Online casinos sometimes have a hard time keeping credit card processors who can get the transactions approved. This is mainly because of the many different gambling and banking laws from around the world. The casinos are always looking for ways to offer more and safer deposit methods for their customers and the Eco card is another of the many ways you can try.

Where Can I Use an Eco card?

While not every online casino accepts the Eco card, it is widely accepted and the numbers of casinos accepting it continue to grow every day. Take a quick look at the bottom of the home page of the casino where you are considering playing for a list of accepted deposit methods or look at the deposit methods in the cashier area once you sign up for an account. Also keep in mind that because the Eco card has the MasterCard logo you can probably use it at online casinos where credit cards are accepted even if the Eco card is not listed as a deposit option.

How to Use an Eco card

You use your Eco card account just like you would use a credit card. You may have an actual physical Eco card, but you probably also have a virtual Eco card attached to your account as well. Either one works like a MasterCard, but some online casinos have a special deposit button for Eco card accounts. This is not something to stress about as it will all be clear once you start the deposit process by going to the cashier.

Is Using and Eco card Safe?

Using an Eco card is just as safe as using most e-wallet accounts. It is a great way to protect your personal financial details from every place you make deposits. By using your Eco card account the only places that have access to your financial details are your bank and Eco card. This way you can play at dozens of online casinos and gambling web sites while only using a single Eco card account. Of course you need to make sure you protect your card and account numbers as well as the log in details for your Eco card account, but this is no different than any other credit or debit card or bank account you may have.

What are the Differences Between an Eco card and a MasterCard?

When you are using your Eco card to make a purchase or to make a deposit at one of the online casinos where you play there really isn’t any difference between your Eco card and a MasterCard. The biggest difference is that the Eco card is tied to your account and you can’t use it if you don’t have any money in your account. A regular MasterCard is a credit card and an Eco card does not offer any credit services associated with your account. It works much more like a debit card attached to your checking account than a credit card.

Can I Withdraw Using Eco card?

Almost every online casino that allows you to make deposits using an Eco card will also process your withdrawal requests using your Eco card account as well. Don’t ever assume this is the case without verifying the information in the cashier section or with support just because you made an Eco card deposit. You should also check to see if there are any fees associated with making an Eco card withdrawal. Usually there are no fees, but once again it is always a good idea to verify.

Eco card Casinos Conclusion

An Eco card is one of the many online casino deposit options currently available. It offers safe transactions backed by the Mastercard branded credit and debit card system. It is also widely accepted by online casinos and is recommended for those players who reside in a country where you can open an Eco card account.