Interac Casinos

Interac is a popular payment method used by Canadians for everything from groceries to paying bills like water and electric to buying gas for the car. Now it is also an accepted payment method for making deposits at casinos that are legally regulated to offer real money casino games to Canadian citizens. Using an Interac card is basically like using a debit card, but it also is an account where you can initiate and receive money transfers.

It acts like a credit card but you can’t use it unless you have money in your account. And it also acts much like an e-wallet like Neteller or PayPal. It is accepted at hundreds of thousands of locations across Canada and is backed by all of the major financial institutions in the country so it is one of the most recognized and useful cards and accounts you can have as a Canadian citizen. Continue reading to learn more about Interac casino deposits, the safety of using it, fees and the ability to use it for cash-outs and withdrawals.

Online Casinos Accepting Interac

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How to use Interac to Make a Deposit

Using Interac to make a deposit at your online casino is very easy. Unlike most deposit methods where you have to log in to the casino and initiate a transfer from there, you actually log in to your Interac account and start the deposit process from there. If you have questions or need specific instructions for the particular online casino where you want to make a deposit, check in the cashier area for details. If they are not listed in the cashier area, contact the deposit support department. They can help you get started quickly and safely.

Though it isn’t something that you will see often, you may run across a special bonus for using Interac to fund your online account. If you do find a special Interac casino bonus, it will have the same type of bonus clearing requirements and restrictions as other bonuses so make sure to check over the terms.

Is Using Interac at a Casino Safe?

Using your Interac account to make online casino deposits is one of the absolute safest and easiest ways to fund your casino games play. The money is safely sent from your Interac account directly to the bank account of the online casino where you are playing. That way no outside businesses or people have any access to your account details or information. And because your Interac account is backed up by your bank, if the online casino you are dealing with gets hacked or loses your information in some other way, you can get some assistance from your bank. Of course no one wants to think about the worst that can happen, but it always makes me feel better to reduce my risk as much as possible and have the possibility of my financial institution being on my side if I need them as well.

Only those online casinos who are operating in Canada legally can accept Interac payments so the argument could be made that you might not want to play anywhere as a Canadian citizen that doesn’t accept Interac deposits. Of course there are safe casinos for Canadians that don’t accept Interac, but it is one of those things you can check while deciding where to play.

Interac Deposit Fees

There is a small fee to transfer money using your Interac account, but it is a set fee on each transaction, not a percentage of the total amount. The fee varies depending on where you bank, but it is usually only a couple of dollars per transaction. There are even some banks that provide a certain number of transactions for free every month. The online casinos themselves do not generally charge any fees to make a deposit using your Interac account. As a matter of fact, a deposit fee is so rare that if I found a casino that charged one, I would either find another place to play or request a special extra bonus to cover the fees.

Can I Make A Withdrawal Using Interac?

Most online casinos that accept Interac as a payment method will also process your withdrawal requests using your Interac account. This is a safe and fast way to get your money back out of your online casinos. There may or may not be fees associated with making a withdrawal to your Interac account. Each online casino sets their own fees and conditions, so make sure you check the withdraw area of the cashier before starting the cash-out process.

Interac Casinos Conclusion

If you are a Canadian citizen and are planning to play at online casinos regulated and legally operated in Canada, there is no reason not to consider using your Interac account. It offers fast, safe and secure transactions.