Odds Shark CAPPER CUP Contest Preview
Capper Cup

Capper Cup Contest Preview

LAS VEGAS — While everybody is opting out, Odds Shark is opting IN, BAABBBEEE!!! Opting IN to the first annual Capper Cup contest. And it’s going to be GLORIOUS!

Nationally syndicated sportswriter/oddsmaker Benjamin Eckstein will be your master of ceremonies and guide you through the season. Eckstein has been on the gambling beat since 1987 in the New York Daily News and more than 150 newspapers with millions of readers. His reputation is legendary.

At least, that’s what he tells us.

Eckstein claims that NONE of these cappers in the contest could take him down. Not quite sure about the logistics, but Eck is suggesting a CAP-OFF after the Sportsbook of the Capper Cup is crowned. He will put his title, the G.H.O.A.T. (GREATEST HANDICAPPER OF ALL TIME), on the line.

It’s a title that his wife gave him. Details down the road, if he ever gets out of his Jacuzzi in Vegas! 

Now the contest.

Capper Cup Contest Details

Odds Shark is bringing together some of the sharpest minds on the handicapping block, and they will provide a handful of NFL picks every week. The Odds Shark crew will be well represented, along with a group of cappers from Sportsbook.

One of Doc’s guys, Scott Spreitzer, has been in the gambling trenches for over 25 years and has some great stories, including one in particular about a knock-down, drag-out fight with Eckstein in a handicapping contest at the old Stardust Hotel in Vegas.

Look for Eckstein every Friday on the Guys & Bets show, and he promises to put some meat on the bone of that story.

You’ll also see folks like Jon Anik, a UFC commentator who will bring some heat and try to SUBMIT the rest of the cappers, Joe Fortenbaugh from the ESPN betting crew and, if you’re a geek and like computers, the Sportsbook is probably right up your hard drive.

The idea is, you get to put a scope inside the brains of a couple of dozen handicappers. See who’s hot, follow the heat, follow some amazing trends and, most importantly, make some cash, BAABBBEEE!!! And we understand that Eckstein WILL put both of his eyes on the weekly results, so you know and can trust that everything is totally LEGIT.

What are you going to see every week? Very cool stuff. Pull up a chair.

  • Each participant will make five picks (ATS or O/U).
  • Every participant must offer a Best Bet pick, which is unlocked immediately, but the other four picks will be locked (picks become known to the public after kickoff).
  • The cappers will get two points for a Best Bet, one point for a win and a half-point for a PUSH.

There are contests, and there are contests, but THIS is a CONTEST that will cause the tectonic plates of the handicapping community to shudder & shake!!!

Please check out the Capper Cup home page for the contest and get ready to BREAK the BANK!!!

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