Top Daily Fantasy Contest Sites

Daily fantasy sports contests are the latest and greatest rage for bettors looking to showcase their skills online for real money against other competitors who all believe they can build the perfect lineup. Unlike traditional fantasy football or baseball leagues that can last an entire season, players who participate in daily contests can pick new teams a lot more often, giving them more opportunities to make more money over the long run.

Daily fantasy sports websites have become so popular that players may not know which ones give them the most bang for their buck. Players not only want to join daily fantasy sites offering the most different sports and varieties of games, but they are also looking for established and trusted companies they feel completely comfortable depositing and withdrawing money from on a regular basis.

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What is Daily Fantasy Sports?

Daily fantasy sports are contests played online on a daily basis that involve building a lineup of players based on set salary amounts against other competitors in a pool format. The team of players with the most points at the end of the event claims the top prize in the pool with other prizes distributed accordingly depending on the number of participants. The biggest difference between traditional fantasy sports and daily fantasy sports is that each participant is not stuck with the same team for a long period of time.

Popularity of Daily Fantasy Sports

The popularity of daily fantasy sports is at an all-time high, mainly because more and more companies are getting in the game and advertising both online and through other major media outlets such as print, radio and television. It also helps that both professional sports leagues and athletes have partnered with some sites to give them even more publicity and add a sense of legitimacy for anybody interested in playing.

Daily Fantasy vs Sports Betting

The main difference between daily fantasy sports and sports betting is that the former is a group contest usually graded by the sum of player points in a lineup as opposed to the latter that solely involves an individual wagering on team or athlete performance using point spreads or odds set by a sportsbook. For example, participants competing in daily fantasy sports are simply trying to accumulate the most player points in their team lineup based on statistics against other competitors in their group or pool online. Sports bettors must place their money on the team or athlete they think will win or cover the spread at a sportsbook either in the state of Nevada or online.

Is Daily Fantasy Sports Legal in the USA?

Daily fantasy sports is legal in the United States due to the contest format that is used by participants and because the outcome is based on the statistical performance of athletes from different teams that form their lineups. A real team’s performance in a game like NFL football has no impact on fantasy sports, which is why it is excluded from the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 that prohibits sports betting.

Major Sports Covered in Daily Fantasy Sports

Just about every major sport is covered in the daily fantasy sports market, from Major League Baseball (MLB) to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Fantasy baseball and football are the two biggest traditional team sports played by millions of Americans on an annual basis, but other individual sports like mixed martial arts (MMA) and golf have strong niche followings and also translate very well to daily fantasy sports because participants can build new lineups for every event and/or tournament as well.

USA Player Options for Daily Fantasy Sports

Americans interested in playing daily fantasy sports have a number of different online options regarding where they can participate in legal contests. Sites we recommend here all have proven themselves as legitimate operators of daily fantasy sports contests, but there are many more in the space that also claim to have similar offerings available for players.

What to Look For in a Daily Fantasy Sports Site

The most important factor when choosing a daily fantasy sports site is how easily you can deposit and withdraw money. Much like online sportsbooks, the participant’s ability to trust the operator is invaluable, so keep that in mind when you are shopping around for daily fantasy sports sites. In addition, some sites have user-friendly mobile apps that make it even easier to play their daily fantasy games on tablets and phones as well. Different players like different sports and games and each has his or her own interests, which is why it is important to examine all your options before deciding to join a site. Some may offer a bigger prize pool while others have more different sports and/or games available to play. The bottom line is picking the site you feel most comfortable with where you can win the most money possible. Isn’t that what it’s all about?