Barstool Sports Rough N’ Rowdy 2 Betting Preview: Smitty vs 20 Dollar Chef

When you think of pay-per-view boxing events, you think of the bright lights of Las Vegas. Names like Ali, Mayweather, Tyson, Foreman and Frazier immediately come to mind as the most famous men in the world to practice the sweet science. But what if I told you the most electric amateur boxing tournament in America was taking place in the scenic hills of West Virginia?

It’s true. The Rough n’ Rowdy Brawl has been around for years, but its sale to Barstool Sports in late 2017 has taken the event to a whole new level. The first official pay-per-view in the Barstool umbrella was a smashing success, as Barstool employees Hank Lockwood and Dylan Stone headlined a night that featured close to 40 fights and non-stop laughs in December.

With Rough n’ Rowdy 2 taking place in Morgantown, West Virginia on February 16, the stage is even bigger this time around. Barstool employees Adam “Smitty” Smith and Shaun “20 Dollar Chef” Latham make up the main event in what’s sure to be an exciting heavyweight battle. Sportsbook has set Latham as the -160 favorite and Smith as the +130 underdog.

Here’s a betting breakdown and the case for each fighter:

The case for Smitty (+130)

A longtime Barstool employee, Philadelphia native Smitty is riding a high after watching his Eagles beat the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl. Regardless, he’s fighting wars on a lot of fronts right now — namely against his boss Dave Portnoy, actor Michael Rapaport, his coworker Nate and, sometimes, himself.

Smitty never seems to get the respect he deserves around the Barstool office. Even when he does something right, things tend to go poorly for him. The ex-Division III football player has gotten himself into tip-top shape while fully embracing the Eagles’ underdog mentality. To quote Eagles offensive lineman Lane Johnson after the Super Bowl: “an underdog is a hungry dog.”

The case for 20 Dollar Chef (-160)

Latham, a member of Barstool Heartland and the right-hand man of ex-Indianapolis Colts punter Pat McAfee, is relatively new to the Barstool community. A longtime standup comedian, the lazy-eyed 39-year-old is no stranger to the boxing ring. Latham has been getting top-notch training by MMA fighter Matt Mitrione and a slew of other combat sports specialists while dropping approximately 20 pounds in the process.

Latham has allegedly dabbled in boxing for years, so it’s no surprise to see him get the favorite label in this bout. As a former prison guard, toughness is not going to be an issue for the 20 Dollar Chef.

The pick: Smitty

The storylines write themselves here. Philly doesn’t get a lot of respect and is unquestionably an underdog city. Even though he was a fictional character, Rocky embodied that mentality. The Eagles won their first Super Bowl after being counted out time and time again once star quarterback Carson Wentz tore his ACL. Smitty is the definition of a feisty underdog, and I’m expecting the dogs to keep barking in Morgantown on Friday.

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