No is favored in the Joe Rogan cancelation odds.

Will Joe Rogan Be Canceled From Spotify? Odds Say No

The Joe Rogan Experience is considered the biggest podcast in the world, or certainly in North America at the very least. As a result, Rogan, the longtime comedian, actor and UFC commentator, signed a lucrative contract valued at $100 million for his podcast and library to be exclusive on the music and podcast platform Spotify.

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Recently, Rogan and the podcast have come under fire from critics in full attack mode in calling for its cancellation. Online sportsbook [Sportsbook not available for your region] has released Joe Rogan Spotify cancelation odds with the “No” option favored at -300 and the “Yes” set as the +200 underdog. This means to profit $100 on Joe not to be canceled from Spotify, you need to lay $300, while a $100 bet on the Yes, if it panned out, would net you $200.

Joe Rogan Cancellation Odds

Will Joe Rogan be Canceled Odds

Odds as of February 11 at [Sportsbook not available for your region]

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To understand the odds further, we can use our sports betting calculator. There, you can see the odds for Joe Rogan to be canceled have an implied win probability of 33.33 percent whereas the No betting line translates to an implied win probability of 75.00 percent.

Why Is ‘No’ Favored In Will Joe Rogan Be Canceled From Spotify Odds?

To look at why we believe Joe Rogan won’t be canceled from Spotify, we must first look at what the outcry is about. The JRE averages upwards of 10 million listeners per episode and features a variety of topics ranging from fellow comedians shooting the breeze to historical experts, medical professionals and everything in between.

It is the latter group that has drawn more attention to Rogan as he had controversial guests on his podcast discussing the hotly politicized virus known as COVID-19. Notably, two guests in particular, Dr. Robert Malone and Dr. Peter McCullough, have spoken out on issues related to the vaccine and the numbers of cases/deaths, etc. This has been panned by some as misinformation and led to the start of a firestorm.

As I mentioned, the pandemic has been very politicized and the moment that someone speaks out against the narrative on a large platform such as JRE, the knives will come out. Other Spotify artists such as Neil Young have decided to pull their library from the platform, which certainly would cost Spotify money.

On top of the coronavirus discussion backlash, a video resurfaced of the comedian uttering the N-word many times over the existence of the podcast. That has understandably been the tipping point for many folks, but still, why is the “No” favored following two big no-nos in today’s society?

Will This All Blow Over?

One of the reasons I believe No is favored and likely to be the outcome is that while the racial slurs should never have been said, the video is old and surely Spotify was aware of it prior to giving Rogan the large contract.

On the COVID-19 front, the opinion of the masses is actually moving closer to that of Joe’s than that of the politicians and mainstream media and therefore I don’t believe that’s a topic that will get him canceled.

Lastly, talking dollars and cents, $100 million is no chump change and according to Vanity Fair, “having Joe Rogan is like dropping a Taylor Swift album every day.” Unfortunately, or fortunately to some, in today’s society money talks and if you have a commodity bringing in that kind of coin, it’ll be hard to cancel. Now, if Rogan’s ratings start to dip due to the backlash, then that “Yes” option may come into play at +200. Until that point, the Joe Rogan Experience isn’t going anywhere.

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