Stephen Colbert favored to be next tv host to leave show in 2023

Who Is The Next Late Night Host To Leave Our Screens?

Many goodbyes were said in 2022 as a handful of the world’s favorite talk show hosts left their seats or prepared to do so early next year. Ellen DeGeneres of The Ellen Show danced away after 19 seasons, Trevor Noah left The Daily Show after a six-year stint and James Corden of The Late Late Show is packing up his desk in the spring of 2023. So, that bids the question – who is the next talk show host to go silent within the next year?

Online sportsbook Sportsbook has released a list of betting odds on which talk show host will be next to go off the air in 2023. 

Which Late Night Host Will Be Leaving Their Show In 2023?

Next TV Host To Permanently Leave Their Show In 2023
Stephen Colbert (The Late Show)-550
Jimmy Fallon (The Tonight Show)+650
Jimmy Kimmel (Jimmy Kimmel Live)+800
Seth Myers (Late Night)+800

Odds as of December 29 at Sportsbook

Who Says ‘See Ya’ In 2023?

Stephen Colbert (-550)

Oddsmakers have Stephen Colbert listed as the heavy favorite to be the next to disappear from our TV screens. Colbert took over The Late Show in September 2015 with some huge shoes to fill in replacing David Letterman, one of the most prolific award nominees with 52 total nominations. I’m pretty sure I saw a grown man cry when Letterman’s departure was signed, sealed and delivered – yeah, I’m talking about you, Dad. Right off the bat, Colbert’s debut lacked, with the viewership dropping drastically. But the 58-year-old made some public critiques of the White House administration during President Donald Trump’s era in 2017 and his views skyrocketed. 

With seven years of the Ed Sullivan Theater as his office, Colbert’s contract is coming to an end in 2023. The Late Show band leader, Jon Batiste, who joined alongside Colbert, left the CBS program in the summer of 2022. It’s making viewers wonder if the host himself is next to head out the door. According to our odds calculator, at -550 odds, Stephen Colbert has an 84.62 percent likelihood of leaving The Late Show in 2023. Let’s be real, Jimmy Kimmel isn’t going anywhere as he literally headlines a late-night show. Colbert has at least a decade in age on Myers and Fallon, so retirement is rounding the corner – no offense, Stephen.

Value Pick: Jimmy Fallon (+650)

I know I just credited the 48-year-old for being young and full of life, which is true. But, for the sake of betting value, I’m picking The Tonight Show host as a profitable option for one reason only – brand. 

Fallon is a household name. It’s no secret the comedian left Saturday Night Live in 2004 to pursue a movie career and likely has other endeavors he’s looking to explore.  He’s written a collection of children’s books, he’s known for his hilarious skits with celebrities and he even has a ride at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, for crying out loud. So, the only reason Fallon could be next to go is that there’s so much potential for him. But, I still think Colbert is the most viable option.

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