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Extreme Rules Betting Odds and Picks

The WWE rolls in the Prudential Center in New Jersey for Extreme Rules on Sunday. The one night a year the company indulges hardcore – or at least the remaining notion of hardcore the WWE will comfortably show during the PG era.

With that said, here's a look at the betting lines and our predictions for if there is any real value for bettors heading into Extreme Rules this year.

Roman Reigns vs AJ Styles – Extreme Rules Match

Let’s face it – Roman Reigns is ‘The Guy.’ By which I mean he is the guy fans are going to have pushed on them for the foreseeable future. He has held the WWE World Heavyweight Championship since Wrestlemania 32 and has been billed as the top face of the company.

That being said – AJ Styles is clearly the fan's choice. Styles has put on fantastic matches continuously during his short tenure within the WWE and the fans know his name. However, Styles is still relatively new in the WWE and the company putting the belt on him seems unlikely – especially considering he’s a TNA guy.

There may be some possibility of Styles winning – with the inevitable interference and the thought that a returning John Cena would need a heel champion to face upon his return – but it’s not very likely.

Pick: Roman Reigns

Is It Worth Betting?: Not likely. Styles is able to get the most out of his opponents and the WWE may need one more PPV out of this rivalry to hold over until Cena or Seth Rollins can return healthy.

Dean Ambrose vs Chris Jericho – Asylum Match

When this was announced I’m sure Dixie Carter was crying somewhere.

This is a match that fits these two wrestlers perfectly. It will allow Dean Ambrose to show his masochistic and ‘I don’t give a danm’ attitude and it allows Jericho – who has been putting on some great matches during his current run – to control the match by wearing down Ambrose.

Ambrose is over no matter what the outcome of this match is, but he really needs to actually pick up a victory at a PPV. ‘The Lunatic Fringe’ needs to show his resiliency and still come out on top rather than get beaten up for 20 minutes and then pinned. We are basically on the verge of Ambrose being a cross of Mickey Whipwreck and Steve Austin.

Pick: Dean Ambrose

Is It Worth Betting?: Yes. Ambrose is one of the smaller favorites on the card thanks to his constant losses. I can’t see a reason why Jericho would win this match though and Ambrose should be a decent parlay piece.

The New Day vs The Vaudvillains  - Tag Team Championships

The New Day is as over as any tag team has been in recent memory. The trio has basically kept the tag team division afloat for the past year while we waited for a fresh blast of teams to make their way from NXT.

The Vaudvillains are one of those teams. Their gimmick is absurd, but they commit to it fully and it’s entertaining. I would imagine these two teams will continue their feud, as Enzo and Cass is waiting on Enzo’s health to clear up and with The Club tied up in the world title picture.

Pick: The New Day

Is It Worth Betting? The WWE isn’t likely to have The New Day drop their belts on a B-level PPV to a gimmick-heavy team. The New Day is laying some pretty heavy chalk, but they may be a good parlay piece.

Kalisto vs Rusev – United States Championship

Kalisto has been doing his best to be a solid US Champion, but he hasn’t gotten any help from creative. The high-flyer has taken the mantle of plucky, luchador underdog against the huge heels.

Rusev seems like a replacement wrestler to fill in for Ryback once The Big Guy had his falling out with the WWE. That being said, I think Rusev has an okay shot at winning this one. The League of Nations has quietly disappeared and Rusev is directionless.

Pick: Rusev

Is It Worth Betting?: Kalisto winning this match would not shock me. He's the only underdog on the card that could win in my eyes. Rusev offers a solid parlay piece as well.

Charlotte vs Natalya – Women’s Championship

Why this match is happening is beyond me. Charlotte should be feuding with Sasha Banks or Becky Lynch or Paige. Natalya has been a complete non-factor for so long – and she is incredibly rusty on the mic due to lack of usage – that taking the belt of the future of the division to put on her makes zero sense.

Charlotte excels as the whiny, manipulative heel and the fans have really grown to hate her in the best way possible. Having her get defeated by Natalya on a lesser PPV would be a complete disservice.

Pick: Charlotte

Is It Worth Betting?: Charlotte is the second-biggest favorite on the card. She offers next to zero value and you should probably just steer clear of this one.

2016 Extreme Rules Betting Odds

Odds as of May 20 at MyBookie

  • Roman Reigns -1050
  • AJ Styles +550
  • Dean Ambrose -260
  • Chris Jericho +180
  • The New Day -380
  • The Vaudvillains +260
  • Kalisto +190
  • Rusev -270
  • Charlotte -840
  • Natalya +480