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FaZe Clan, Cloud9 Favored To Win Roobet Cup

Tournaments come thick and fast on the pro CS:GO circuit. The CS:GO calendar is stacked with events, and even before we can catch our breath from the pulsating BLAST Premier spring final, we’re already looking ahead to the Roobet Cup, an online tournament in Europe organized by casino platform Relog Media.

The biggest draw, of course, is participation of the top teams from the CS:GO scene, including FaZe Clan and Astralis. The Roobet Cup, running from June 22-30, is an S-Tier tournament offering a $250,000 prize pool.

The 16 participating teams are divided into four groups of four. The group stage will follow a double-elimination format, with all matches played in a best-of-three format.

The top two teams in each group will advance to the playoffs, where the eight remaining teams will follow a single-elimination format. All playoff games will be played in a best-of-three format.

According to the odds, FaZe is the big favorite to win the Roobet Cup at odds of +130 followed by Cloud9 (+250), ENCE (+350) and FURIA (+800).

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Odds to Win Roobet Cup
FaZe Clan+130

Odds as of June 22

The Favorites

FaZe Clan (+130)

Exactly a month after they made history by winning the PGL Antwerp CS:GO major – they became the first international roster to do so – FaZe will begin their quest to be crowned champions of the Roobet Cup.

As one would expect, they have been given the top billing by the fans and punters alike, despite the fact that their most recent outing – the BLAST spring final – didn’t go to plan. Being ambushed by Na’Vi in a game where they had a chance ought to have hurt. It’s this disappointment they will want to channel in a positive way in their quest to bounce back.

As an in-game leader, Karrigan’s imprint is hard to ignore. He single-handedly guided the team through the major, while also putting up carry performances of his own. His overall HLTV rating of 1.01 and an impact of 0.97 told you the story in itself. It went a long way in ensuring FaZe’s overall dominance. They only dropped two maps right through the event despite beginning with a loss to ENCE in the legends stage of the competition.

There’s something about the team that resonates positivity at all times. Even when they entered their contest against Team Spirit in the semifinal, where they were briefly taken off guard, you got the sense that they still had it in them to regroup, which they did in the end. Fully expect them to try to bounce back to glory.

Cloud9 (+250)

They bowed out of the legends stage of PGL Major Antwerp, but bounced back in style to clinch IEM Dallas 2022 to return to the top of the CS:GO professional scene. That the win came under adversity – they were quickly relegated to the lower bracket after a 2-0 loss to FURIA Esports – told you how they couldn’t be discounted at any stage. They returned with a vengeance to sweep their next two games to make it through to the quarterfinals.

This was another challenge because they had to face the might of FaZe Clan and then BIG, if they won. In both games, they were pushed to a corner with the game level at 1-1, before they clinched the final game. By the time the final came around, they were battle-hardened and managed to stave off ENCE’s challenge to be crowned champions.

It was their first championship since they won the E-League Major in Boston four years ago. They managed to topple Ninjas in Pyjamas and Team Liquid twice, too. These are ominous signs for all their competitors at the Roobet Cup.

Dark Horses

FURIA Esports (+800)

Within five years of entering the professional CS:GO scene, FURIA has already racked up a number of impressive achievements. They’ve won the PGL Major Antwerp 2022: America RMR, ESL Pro League Season 12: North America, ESEA Season 21: Global Challenge and several regional competitions. They are currently in the top five of the CS:GO rankings. This is the highest they’ve ever been, following an excellent performance at IEM Dallas.

At Antwerp, FURIA’s playoff berth was a surprise, despite their steady rise up the rankings. At IEM Dallas 2022, FURIA showed a great game, proving to be way ahead of their opponents tactically. In their last match, they beat Cloud9 by a 2-0 margin.

They also seemed very comfortable playing tougher opponents like BIG. Expect them to once again push the top teams, even if they may not be title contenders just yet.

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