The ultimate guide of how to bet on Fortnite

How To Bet On Fortnite

What used to be done with a bunch of friends in your mom’s basement is now a global phenomenon. The popularity of video games has grown significantly since the days of Mario and Luigi and now, esports has its own betting category.

This tutorial will explain Fortnite betting so you can bet on the one of the most popular games of the past few years.

Fortnite Game Play Basics

Fortnite is a cultural sensation like the Beatles, Beyoncé, and Bo Jackson. What started as an innocent release by Epic Games in 2017, has grown into a powerhouse shooter-survival game played by millions around the world. The game is set on Earth – albeit 98% of the population has been wiped out by a freak weather system – with 100 players competing against each other (one on one or in teams) on one map. The end goal is to be the last player standing.

You’ll run into certain terms while betting on Fortnite:

  • Co-op – Cooperative gameplay where players can work together in teams
  • Sandbox – Also known as “open game” where players can explore the virtual world at their own pace without sticking to the linear narrative of the game
  • Survival game – Staying alive in order to win
  • Player-vs-environment – Where you’re not only in competition against your opponents, but against the land as well. In a game like this the weather is always going to be a factor
  • Map – Where the game is played
  • Solo – A lone player
  • Duo – A team of two players 
  • Squad – A team of 3-4 players

Fortnite Battle Royale

When visiting the Sportsbookting sites and making a Fortnite bet, especially during the World Cup, you’ll be wagering on Battle Royale. Players can compete alone or in a team, and are dropped onto a map where they must scavenge for weapons and resources, all while attacking and trying to eliminate their opponents. As the game progresses, the safe area of the game gets smaller and smaller due to an impending storm. If you’re caught outside the safe area you risk being eliminated. The solo or duo left standing at the end are declared the Sportsbook.

Understanding Esports Betting Odds

Betting odds for Fornite are similar to the ones you’d find for the NFL or other sports. Odds for a Battle Royale tournament would look something like this:

*for the purpose of this example, we’ve cut the players down to 5 instead of 100

Tfue +1350

Stompy +1600

MrSavage +1600

Dubs +1700

Mongraal +1800

In this scenario Tfue is considered the favorite because his odds are the lowest. The rest on the list are considered the underdog. As we move closer to the tournament the odds may change if oddsmakers believe one of the other players are gaining momentum.

Odds for duos will be lower than those for solos because the betting field is different. Instead of betting against 99 other people, you only need to beat 49 other teams.

For instance, Stompy’s odds on his own are +1600, but when they pair up with Tschinken the odds change to +800.

Making a Fortnite Bet

When it comes to betting on Fortnite, especially for the World Cup, there are two basic bet types you can make. Each will net you some major cash if you bet correctly.


One of the easier bets you can make is a moneyline wager. This involves you simply picking a Sportsbook outright. If you think Mongraal is going to take it all, you would place a straight-up bet on him.

Let’s say you bet $40 and Mongraal did win, you’d get a payout of $760 – your original $40 is returned along with your winnings of $720. Our Odds Calculator will tell you how much you’d win based on what you bet.


Prop betting is available at most esports betting sites and allows you to wager on factors like:

  • Top 3 finishers – Who will be the top three players left standing before the final
  • Region – This isn’t where the player is from, but where their server is located (Asia, Brazil, Europe, North America East, North America West, Oceania) 
  • Solos – Which player will win it all (somewhat like the moneyline) 
  • Duos – Which duo will come out on top (also like the moneyline)
Fortnite Betting Tips
  • Look for bonuses and promotions at your sportsbook of choice to help you grow your bankroll 
  • Don’t bet more than you can afford. There’s no point going into debt over a Fortnite Battle Royale bet 
  • You don’t have to study all 100 players but at least be familiar with the solo or duo you’re backing through their YouTube or Twitch stream 
  • Only use betting sites for esports that Odds Shark recommends.
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