Friday Fortnite

Friday Fortnite Betting Odds and Preview

The first-ever Fortnite World Cup is officially in the rear-view mirror and after the successful event, many people are hungry for more Fortnite competitions. Luckily, a weekly tournament that’s been called “Friday Fortnite,” run by UMG Gaming, is here to fill the void.

If you’re new to betting on Fortnite or esports, check out our article on where and how to do it.

Friday Fortnite Format

Friday Fortnite follows a format that is quite different from the Fortnite World Cup. The tournament is a duos event, but they compete on public servers in a 2v2 race for eliminations.

  • A bracket is created with each duos team competing against the other and the Sportsbook advancing to the next round.
  • The bracket is a “must lose twice” format, meaning the first match you lose will drop you down to the “losers bracket” with a chance to still make the finals.
  • Once the tournament starts, each team will invite the opposing team into their lobby.
  • Since opposing teams are in the same lobby, they will not be able to damage each other. It’s important to note that sabotaging or directly causing the deaths of opponents is not allowed.
  • The duos team with the highest number of eliminations after two matches will be declared the Sportsbook and will advance to the next round.
  • Placing in the game (including Victory Royales) does NOT count for any points. Eliminations are the only thing that matters.

Betting Tips

  • The main thing to keep in mind when handicapping this event is that eliminations are the only thing that matters. Playing conservatively is actually a detriment to the players, so you want to look at competitors who are good at playing an aggressive style.
  • It’s worth looking at the bracket before placing your bet. That way you can get a general understanding of who each team will have to play in the second and third round.
  • The competitors and teams change every week. You can find the bracket when it is announced on the UMG Gaming website.

Here’s a look at this week’s betting odds:

Odds To Win Friday Fortnite Week 9
Team Odds
Natehill/Funk +375
Aydan/Sway +700
Dubs/Megga +800
Ninja/Reverse +800
Myth/Zexrow +900
Nyhrox/Airwaks +1000
Aquad/Stompy +1200
Hogmanzlol/ehPom +1400
Kurt/Snood +1600
Typical Gamer/Thiefs +2000
Replays/Nick Eh +2000
H1ghsku1/Gunfly +2000
BIGEX/Destroy +2000
Ewok/Elevate +2200
Royalistiq/Rojo +2800
DJAkademiks/Mikey +3300
Kiwiz/Formula +3300
AlexRami/CoryFF +5000
Tilt/ship +5000
Nick28T/NepenTheZ +10000

Odds as of August 16 at Sportsbook