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Cloud9, Liquid Co-Faves to Win LCS Spring 2021

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The wait is almost over – the League Championship Series is just around the corner! The LCS’s long-awaited Spring Split will kick off on February 5, finally giving us weekly League of Legends action from North America.

This year is unique, as we have a bit of extra information to go off of coming into the season. Each team kicked off 2021 in the Lock In tournament, with the two finalists expectedly emerging as strong favorites for the overall Spring Season.

Who’s Playing in The LCS 2021 Spring Split?

When it comes to teams, it’s much of the same in 2021. All of your favorite organizations are still in the LCS and a good number of players have also stuck around. There have, of course, been some changes. Most notably, Cloud9 picked up a superstar in Perkz and TSM picked up FlyQuest’s impressive mid-laner PowerOfEvil.

Team Liquid, meanwhile, has reshuffled its core with the addition of Alphari, Santorin and Tactical. Then, there has also been the typical North American shuffle, with players going every which way – as usual, there were a ton of transfers.

How Has The LCS Changed in 2021?

The biggest changes come in the format of the LCS, which is a fair bit different from 2020. You’ve no doubt heard of the first new thing, the Lock In, which was a tournament to kick off the year but doesn’t actually have any impact on the league.

There are also some major changes to the schedule and overall format. We’ll now see 15 games a week over three days and, most importantly, it’s all essentially one very long season. Technically, we’ll still see a Spring Split and a Summer Split, but the scores from spring carry over to summer, and the spring playoffs have been replaced by a Mid-Season Showdown.

The overall league is then decided by a final summer tournament, much like the usual playoffs, deciding Worlds places as well as the LCS title. This time, teams will have to stay consistent over the entire year to make it to the playoffs and earn a shot at Worlds and the LCS title.

Odds to Win LCS Spring Season 2021
100 Thieves+1000
Evil Geniuses+1200
Golden Guardians+10000

Odds as of February 3 at Betway

Liquid Enters LCS Spring Split Red-Hot

Team Liquid will definitely have the biggest momentum, entering the Spring Season off the back of an impressive Lock In tournament victory, where they dropped just three maps overall and overcame Cloud9 in the final.

The new Liquid roster definitely looks to be one of the best teams in the league and it will be a challenge for anyone to stop them, even Perkz and Cloud9.

However, their impressive Lock In performance has also put a target on their back and teams will no doubt be doing all they can to figure out a way to defeat Liquid. Will they regain LCS dominance or crumble under the pressure? Only time will tell.

Can Perkz Figure it Out?

Cloud9 enters the Spring Split as joint favorites with Liquid and it’s easy to see why. Both teams reached the Lock In final and as such cannot be taken lightly. C9 did have a tougher journey, dropping maps in every stage, but they also looked to be evolving from match to match. In the end, it was clear that the Cloud9 we saw in the final was completely different from the Cloud9 that lost its opener against Evil Geniuses.

With the addition of Perkz, I would definitely put Cloud9 as the team with the highest potential in the LCS, although they do have some issues to solve first. The team clearly needs time to jell and there are some holes to fill, such as a very lacking top lane.

The Spring Season will be a bit of a race against time for Cloud9. They’ll need to fix core issues while playing matches every week and they’ll need to do it before they drop too many games.

Could Evil Geniuses be a Dark Horse?

Evil Geniuses showed some impressive form in the Lock In. They topped their group over Cloud9 and easily reached the semifinals, where they were eliminated by eventual winner Liquid.

With the signings of Impact, Ignar and Deftly, the team has an all-new core and is looking to shake up the LCS. They have shown some potential, but considering how badly Liquid outclassed them, they still have some way to go if they want to topple the favorites.

However, they’ve definitely shown promise and of all the underdogs, they’re one of the best ones to keep your eyes on.

What About The Rest?

There are still seven other teams in the league we haven’t even mentioned – what about them?

Well, the LCS isn’t exactly known for its variety at the top. Since 2016, only three teams have won a split – Cloud9, TSM and Team Liquid. All three see the top three odds of this season, with Cloud9 and Liquid being decisive favorites.

TSM had a decent showing at the Lock In and with the signing of PowerOfEvil definitely has one of the strongest mid laners in the league. However, it’s still difficult to see them edging out C9 or Liquid.

100 Thieves do show some promise after their strong Lock In, having defeated Liquid in the groups and barely losing out to Cloud9. However, they are a difficult one to judge, as they see four new players on their roster, so all we can do is wait and see how they perform long term.

Other than the teams we’ve mentioned, it’s difficult to see anyone challenging for the Spring Split title, although there’s definitely potential for single-series upsets, so keep your eyes on those underdogs.