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The countdown until the first Saturday of May is on as horse racing fans prepare for the most exciting two minutes in sports. While bettors have been zeroing in on their win, place, show selections for weeks, post positions have been announced and the prop betting market is officially open.

Check out our 2016 Kentucky Derby props here.

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The Kentucky Derby is very much like the Super Bowl – weeks of hype draw in a huge audience of hard-core bettors and casual fans.

And just like the Super Bowl, having a single bet on the Kentucky Derby odds menu just seems wrong. Oddsmakers make sure there is plenty to bet on, even after you have placed your bet on which horse will win.

In the Super Bowl, there’s coin toss odds and how long will the anthem singer take to complete the song. Derby Day has Mary J. Blige singing the Star Spangled Banner and you can also wager on what the final closing odds will be (over or under 4-1 currently at Sportsbook).

You can bet on horse matchups (will Union Rags finish ahead of Bodemeister for example) and on the winning time (will it be over or under 2:02:25).

And then there is real fun (silly) stuff of how many words will be in the name of the winning horse.

How long will it take Mary J Blige to sing the national anthem at the 138th Kentucky Derby?

Over/Under                       1 minute 55 seconds

(Timing starts as soon as the first note is sung, and ends as soon as the last note is sung.)

Official Winning Time

Over/Under                       2:02:25

How many lengths will the Sportsbook of the 138th Kentucky Derby win by?

More than or equal to 1 length                   -225

Less than 1 length                                            +185

How many lengths will the Sportsbook of the 138th Kentucky Derby win by?

More than or equal to 3 lengths                                +160

Less than 3 lengths                                          -200

Which will be greater, the margin of victory between the Derby Sportsbook and second place finisher or the second place finisher and third place finisher?

Sportsbook - 2nd Place           -160

2nd Place - 3rd Place       +130

Winning Saddlecloth Number

Odd       +150     

Even      -180

How Many Words Will Be in The Name of the Derby Sportsbook? 

1                              4/11

2                              19/10

3                              10/3

4                              20/1      

Will a horse win the 138th Kentucky Derby wire to wire?

Yes                         +500

No                           -800

Official Win Mutual Payoff

Over/Under                       $18.30

Total of All Pari-Mutual Payoff

Over/Under                       $70.00

(All Win Place Show Combined)

What will the odds of the pre-race favorite be at post time in the 136th Kentucky Derby?

Over/Under 4/1

Will a horse that Raced in the 2011 Breeders Cup win the 2012 Kentucky Derby?

Yes         -125                      

No          -105

Which trainer’s horse will have a higher finish in the 2012 Kentucky Derby?

Todd Pletcher    -105

Bob Baffert         -125

Will the Sportsbook of the 2012 Kentucky Derby win the 2012 Preakness Stakes?

Yes                         +240

No                          -300

Will the Sportsbook of the 2012 Kentucky Derby win the 2012 Belmont?

Yes                         +350

No                           -500

Will the Sportsbook of the 2012 Kentucky Derby win the 2012 Triple Crown?

Yes                         +575

No                          -950

Will the crowd attendance exceed that of the 164,858 of 2011?

Yes                         +110    

No                          -140

Will Secretariats 1973 Derby Record be broken in 2012?

Yes (Faster than 1:59.40)              +1000

No (Not Faster than 1:59.40)       -2000

State the 2012 Derby Sportsbook last raced prior to winning the derby?

Arkansas                              7/2

Florida                                  12/5

Kentucky                             16/5

New York                            4/1

California                             5/1

Louisiana                             15/1

Any Other State               9/1

Will Joel Einhorn win his $100,000 Kentucky Derby bet?

Yes         +550

No          -900

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