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How to Bet on WWE and Pro Wrestling

You can’t get rich from pro wrestling, right? Well, just ask the Million Dollar Man!

All kidding aside, you can bet on professional wrestling and the WWE (formerly WWF) at many online sportsbooks. Granted, you aren’t going to get Ted DiBiase’s bankroll from picking Sportsbooks, but it can be a lot of fun with some profit.

Some online books will offer odds on every pay-per-view event that WWE runs and most will offer odds on the bigger events: WrestleMania, SummerSlam, Survivor Series and the Royal Rumble. 

Entertainment Betting is On the Rise

While betting has long been limited to sports, we are seeing a move toward interest in betting on TV shows such as Big Brother, Dancing With The Stars, Game of Thrones and more.

WWE and professional wrestling falls into this realm of entertainment betting. We know the results are predetermined, but it’s fun to have some skin in the game when results are still generally unknown to the public.

But Isn’t It Fake? 

Scripted, yes. Fake, no. But the scripted part will cause bettors to raise an eyebrow. How can it be fair if the outcome is known? Much like the outcome is known to TV show writers, people still like to make bets for fun when they think they know the answer. 

While, yes, the outcome is known to the performers and the writing staffs, most times the results are kept private in WWE’s inner circle. Sometimes those results get leaked and one way that books tip off bettors that they are in the know is inflated betting lines, such as one wrestler being a -900 favorite for a match. 

It’s important for bettors to realize that there is a distinct difference in entertainment betting vs sports betting. Entertainment betting is not a recommended strategy to maximize your bankroll. 

Many Books WIll Limit Entertainment Bets

Because the results aren’t determined in real time, books will limit the amount of money a player can bet on an entertainment event. The standard maximum bet would generally be less than $100 accepted on a wager. This way, the book protects itself from somebody with insider information placing a huge bet on a sure thing. 

How Do I Make Money Betting on Wrestling? 

When you go to your sportsbook and look at the betting odds for wrestling, look for matches that have pick’em odds or an underdog less than +250. These are the best bets to make as it usually means that oddsmakers do not have the inside track on the match result and are handicapping the result based on the same wrestling knowledge that’s available to the public. 

Another way to get some profit is picking a Sportsbook in a triple-threat, fatal four-way, battle royal or a royal rumble. Often times in the lead-up to the event, all or most of the participants in those matches will be plus-money. These types of matches also leave a lot of creativity for match “finishes” that the writers can do to protect their superstars, get the title from an undisputed favorite, etc. 

Where Do I Go to Bet on Wrestling?

Check out our list of betting sites available to your region. There are a number of sportsbooks available depending on where you reside. 

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