MLB Hall of Fame Odds

Who’s Going In the Hall: 2023 Baseball HoF Odds

The Baseball Hall of Fame welcomed seven new members to Cooperstown during the summer induction ceremonies in 2022.

While David Ortiz and others are now in the Hall, we can look forward to next year’s class of Major League Baseball stars being enshrined. Bookmakers at [Sportsbook not available for your region] have released 2023 Baseball Hall of Fame odds with a collection of interesting names at the top of the list.

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Scott Rolen and Carlos Beltran are the only two players with minus-money odds to make Cooperstown next year, but we break down a few long-shot value picks below as well.

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2023 Baseball Hall of Fame Odds

Odds To Be inducted into Baseball Hall of Fame in 2023
Scott Rolen-220
Carlos Beltran-120
Francisco Rodriguez+150
Alex Rodriguez+350
Jeff Kent+500
Todd Helton+500
Billy Wagner+500
Andruw Jones+800
Gary Sheffield+850
Manny Ramirez+1000
Omar Vizquel+1200
Andy Pettitte+1500
Jimmy Rollins+1600
Bobby Abreu+1600
Mark Buehrle+1600
Torii Hunter+1600

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The Favorites In 2023 Cooperstown Odds

Carlos Beltran

Beltran falls just short of several key benchmarks often used for Hall of Fame induction, not quite at 500 career homers or 3,000 career hits. He does, however, have the longevity, peak and gravitas of a future Hall of Famer.

Across 20 seasons with seven teams (mainly the Mets and Royals), Beltran received MVP votes seven times, won the 1999 Rookie of the Year, was a nine-time all-star and won the World Series in 2017. He does, however, have a few things working against him, including never winning an MVP, the 2017 Astros cheating scandal sullying his only ring, and the fact that it’s his first year on the ballot.

Scott Rolen

Beltran has a decent chance at getting in next year, but Rolen is the only real lock in MLB Hall of Fame odds. Rolen is nowhere near the big offensive milestones we talked about with Beltran, but he’s got the rate stats, some good longevity and a career of elite defense on his side.

An eight-time Gold Glove winner, Rolen fell just short of cracking Cooperstown last year, earning 65.2 percent of the vote (needing 75%). Entering his sixth season on the ballot, and with many big names like Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens and Curt Schilling no longer up for vote, he should get enough ballots this year to earn his place in the Hall.

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2023 Baseball Hall of Fame Long Shots

Billy Wagner

Wagner is another guy who will benefit from some of the top names coming off the ballot. He had 51 percent of the vote during his seventh year on the ballot in 2022 and should see a sizable increase in support next year.

Wagner ranks sixth all-time in MLB saves, despite being the only reliever in the top seven with under 950 career innings. One of the best left-handed relief pitchers of all time, he received Cy Young votes twice, was a seven-time all-star and had just one season with an ERA over 3.00.

Omar Vizquel

Vizquel’s voting percentage peaked in 2020 at 52.6 percent but has been on the decline for the last few years. He could, however, have a rebound this year.

Vizquel got MVP votes just once in his career, but his Hall of Fame case is based on longevity and defense. The longtime Cleveland shortstop played for 24 seasons, finishing at age 45 with the Blue Jays. He earned 11 Gold Gloves and was a three-time all-star, but can a guy with a .688 career OPS in the modern era really be a Hall of Famer?

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