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YRFI/NRFI Betting Trends: Dodgers Prime YRFI Bet

Even with MLB's new pitch clock, you still have to wait a few hours to sweat out your MLB picks. But, with Yes/No Runs First Inning bets, you get the same betting drama and tension plus a nearly-immediate result.

Below we have a complete breakdown of the Yes/No Run First inning betting trends, the best MLB teams for each side of the wager and a complete breakdown of what these YRFI/NRFI markets are:

Yes/No First Inning Runs Betting Trends

Team# Games1st Inning Runs Scored per game1st Inning Runs Against per game# Games with a run in the 1st Inning (For/Against)# Games w/o a run in the 1st Inning (For/Against)
Chi Cubs1470.520.547869
Chi White Sox1460.450.686779
Kansas City1470.460.67572
LA Angels1470.510.467275
LA Dodgers1450.770.568362
NY Mets1450.350.617372
NY Yankees1450.470.637768
San Diego1470.650.397671
San Francisco1460.460.597571
St. Louis1460.550.668264
Tampa Bay1470.650.266582

Dodgers top YRFI Bet

Much like many categories in baseball, the Los Angeles Dodgers are a fantastic YRFI team. Mookie Betts and the Dodgers' bats have been on a tear this summer, ripping up the first inning to the tune of 0.77 1st inning runs scored per game.

Of course, betting YRFI is pretty fantastic when Mookie smacks a leadoff homer. Moreover, the Dodgers roll out perhaps the greatest top of the lineup in all of baseball. The aforementioned Betts is an MVP-candidate. While Freddie Freeman is hitting a sparkling .337, with 26 homeruns, and 93 RBIs. Will Smith has smacked 18 homeruns of his own, with a 2.69 average, and Max Muncy has excelled from the cleanup spot while hitting 35 dingers.

Additionally, the Dodgers pitchers are allowing 0.56 1st inning runs per game. Siding with the Dodgers is never a bad bet as the YRFI/NRFI betting trends can attest.

Marlins Great NRFI Squad

On the flip side, the Miami Marlins remain the league's greatest NRFI bet going an incredible 99-55. They lead the league in NRFIs by three games over the Toronto Blue Jays.

The Marlins come in near the bottom of our MLB Power Rankings for a reason. Miami has failed to muster much of an offense all season, scoring just over 4 runs per game. While their lack of offense is problematic for adding to the win column, Miami's offense is the perfect target for NRFI bets!

Moreover, the Marlins pitching staff have allowed a little over 8 hits and 4.45 runs per game this season. Miami is ideal squad to focus on with your NRFI bets the rest of this MLB season.

Braves Remain Strong First Inning Team

The Braves remain atop the MLB standings, and they also lead in first inning runs scored with 0.9 per game. Ronald Acuña, Austin Riley and Matt Olson make for a terrifying top-of-lineup that has helped bettors cash the YRFI all season.

Thankfully, Atlanta's pitching staff has also been kind to 1st inning pitches in the past few weeks. Making the Braves one of the very best YRFI bets on the board!

What Are YRFI/NRFI Bets?

YRFI/NRFI stands for 'Yes Run First Inning' or 'No Run First Inning'. Simply put, this is a betting market where you're predicting if there will or will not be at least one run scored in the first inning of a game. This run can come from either team, in the top or bottom half of the inning. It's just an OVER/UNDER 0.5 runs scored wager for the first inning of the game. Here's an example of what the market would look like at your MLB sportsbook:

Will There Be a 1st Inning Run In the Brewers vs Cardinals Game?

  • Yes Run -115
  • No Run -115

Many YRFI/NRFI odds are close to even money for both sides of the wager. In this case, a winning $100 bet on either side of the market would pay out $186.96, per our odds calculator. You just pick if you think the Brewers and/or the Cards will get to the starting pitchers early, and choose which side you're riding with.

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