Bronny James Betting Odds

LeBron James Jr. Future Betting Odds

The name alone should spark some interest as the son of one of the greatest to ever do it, LeBron James, is starting to make some news and he’s only 15 years old. LeBron James Jr., or “Bronny,” is currently playing his freshman year at Sierra Canyon School, which already had a notable name on the squad in Zaire Wade, the son of longtime NBA star and former LeBron teammate Dwyane Wade.

But is it too early to look at the options Bronny may have after the conclusion of his high school career? Well, online sportsbook Sportsbook doesn’t think so as it has released odds on what he will do after high school and whether he will be a lottery pick if/when he’s drafted. You’ll find my breakdown on those two options below.

What Will LeBron James Jr. Do After High School?

There are three options you can wager on for this prop – play in the NCAA at -240, play in the NBA at +175 or play professional basketball outside the NBA at +2500. In February 2019, the NBA put in a formal proposal to the NBPA that would allow 18-year-olds to join the NBA much like it was before 2005. LeBron James was drafted in 2003 as an 18-year-old, so it would be fitting if his son was likewise in 2023. The proposal said this change would take place for the 2022 draft, one year before Bronny is expected to graduate.

There has been a lot of talk about LeBron wanting to play with his son and with the four-time MVP nearing his 35th birthday (December 30), the 2023 season would put him at 38 to begin the year. For Bronny to go to college for one year may not make a ton of sense. Therefore, for Bronny Jr. to play in the NBA after high school at +175 seems like a good wager to me, especially if the NBA’s proposal is approved by the NBPA – if you want to wait three-plus years to cash that futures ticket, that is.

What will LeBron James Jr. do first?
Play in the NCAA-240
Play in the NBA+175
Play professional basketball outside of the NBA+2500

Odds as of December 21 at Sportsbook

Will LeBron James Jr. Be a Lottery Pick?

For those who don’t know what a lottery pick is, the NBA has 30 teams and 16 make the playoffs while 14 do not. For the NBA draft, those teams that didn’t make the playoffs own what are considered lottery picks. So, essentially, if you are drafted as one of the first 14 picks of the first round, you are a lottery pick.

It is still extremely difficult to know what we have on our hands with Bronny Jr. as a 15-year-old in his freshman year of high school. However, ESPN reported that the six-foot-two guard already has offers from Duke and Kentucky.

I think that if he elects to jump directly into the NBA, his name alone will carry him to a lottery pick even if his high school career isn’t elite and the fan base won’t complain. The best part of this prop is that the “Yes” for this wager is +155 and the “No” comes back at -220.

Will LeBron James Jr. be a lottery pick in the NBA Draft?

Odds as of December 21 at Sportsbook

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