The UNDER is 21-9 in Anton Forsberg's games this season.

NHL Betting Trends: The League’s Top UNDER Goalies

Nobody likes a low-scoring game, and betting on the UNDER is never fun. But it can be lucrative.

So, after we brought you the top OVER goalies for this NHL season and in years past, we’ve now got some data on the goalies who tend to keep their games UNDER most often.  

Lets take a look at which goalies have been hitting the UNDER in their game totals the most this season, as well as over the last three and five seasons. And if you love betting on hockey, head over to our Best NHL betting sites page or check out the latest Stanley Cup odds for the upcoming NHL playoffs.

Top UNDER Goalies In 2022 (Min. 20 games played)

Top UNDER goalies in 2022
GoalieOVER Record
Anton Forsberg (OTT)21-9 (70%)
James Reimer (SJ)22-10-1 (68.8%)
Matt Murray (OTT)13-6-1 (68.4%)
Igor Shesterkin (NYR)26-13 (66.7%)
Braden Holtby (DAL)12-7-1 (63.2%)
Adin Hill (ARI)13-8 (61.9%)
Cal Petersen (LAK)16-11-2 (59.3%)
Frederik Andersen (CAR)24-17 (58.5%)
Ilya Sorokin (NYI)23-17-1 (57.5%)
Jeremy Swayman (BOS)16-12-2 (57.1%)

Results as of March 28 via Odds Shark data services

For this season, the list of top UNDER goalies is a good mix of goalies on bad (low-scoring) teams and goalies having great seasons.

Two of the top three players are on the Senators, one of the worst teams in the league record-wise and the team with the fewest goals scored. Eleven teams have allowed more goals than the Sens this season, so they are fairly good at preventing goals while not being able to score very many. 

Hill, Holtby and Reimer are having decent seasons on bad teams, which explains their place on the list, while Shesterkin, Andersen, Swayman and Sorokin are either elite goalies, play on strong defensive teams, or both.

Keep an eye out for these goaltenders when placing your bets.

Top UNDER Goalies Last Three Seasons (Min. 20 games played per season)

Top UNDER goalies last three seasons
GoalieOVER Record
Jake Allen 44-31-3 (58.7%)
Semyon Varlamov66-48-9 (57.9%)
Jack Campbell48-37-5 (56.5%)
Marc-Andre Fleury73-58-14 (55.7%)
Carter Hart56-50-4 (52.8%)
Connor Hellebuyck81-73-7 (52.6%)
James Reimer40-36-4 (52.6%)
Elvis Merzlikins44-40-3 (52.4%)
Darcy Kuemper49-45-8 (52.1%)
Jacob Markstrom71-66-8 (51.8%)

Results as of March 28 via Odds Shark data services

James Reimer pops up here again and it is pretty clear to us that “Optimus Reim” should probably get more respect around the league for his play.

Reimer has an 18-14-6 record and .915 save percentage this year on a Sharks team that is below .500 and going to miss the playoffs again, and he has years of solid play in Carolina, Florida and Toronto on his resume. 

This guy might just be #goodatthegame.

It’s not surprising to see the likes of Hellebuyck, Fleury and Markstrom here as they are – or have been – top-flight NHL goalies.

What is surprising is seeing Montreal’s Jake Allen and Philadelphia’s Carter Hart. Allen has been mostly a backup over the last three seasons and has dealt with injuries while Hart has really struggled the last two seasons. 

Talent has never been in question for either of them, but their presence here is notable. 

Top UNDER Goalies Last Five Seasons (Min. 20 games played per season)

Top UNDER goalies last five seasons
GoalieOVER Record
Darcy Kuemper97-71-10 (57.7%)
Jake Allen93-72-5 (56.4%)
John Gibson126-98-7 (56.2%)
Marc-Andre Fleury142-113-20 (55.7%)
Robin Lehner102-85-10 (54.5%)
Semyon Varlamov108-91-15 (54.3%)
Jacob Markstrom131-115-12 (53.3%)
Philipp Grubauer101-93-8 (52.1%)
Cam Talbot98-90-7 (52.1%)
Connor Hellebuyck148-141-18 (51.2%)

Results as of March 28 via Odds Shark data services

When we expand the sample size to five seasons, we see a couple more elite goaltenders pop up, with many of the same names from the three-year list here as well.

Allen is once again near the top of the list, but Kuemper gets a big boost from 52.1 percent of his games going UNDER the number the last three years to 57.7 percent – the best of the bunch.

While Kuemper’s last three seasons include this year with the high-flying Avalanche and last year’s down year with Arizona, pushing the sample to five years gets his prime years with Arizona into the sample as well as a fantastic run with the Kings to start the 2017-18 season.

John Gibson is third on the list despite not appearing in the three-year sample or in the data for this season. Gibson is still one of the better goalies in the league, though his team has struggled to help keep the puck out of the net the last couple of seasons. But he had elite numbers four and five seasons ago.

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