Ecocard is an accepted payment method across a number of online poker sites, with over 3,000 websites signed up to accept Ecocard payments. Essentially a prepaid MasterCard debit card, Ecocard is free to sign up for and use, providing much the same advantages as a regular debit card. However, with the flexibility to segregate your poker funds, and the privacy that comes from paying in this way, many people prefer this method of funding their poker account over other available options.

Getting access to your withdrawals is easy, particularly with the ability to manage your account online, or withdraw funds directly from a cash machine. Deposit processing times are usually quick, and there are seldom any additional charges applicable for using your Ecocard to fund your bankroll.

Ecocard Advantages
  • Straightforward payment method, operating similarly to debit cards for deposit and withdrawal
  • No processing fees or additional charges to use with most poker rooms
  • Good fraud protection measures for heightened security
  • No credit limit, so you can keep a tighter grip on spending and avoid paying interest fees and charges
  • Easy to access your balance, through ATMs or supporting merchants
Ecocard Disadvantages
  • Lack of credit means you can’t spread the costs of your bankroll, or fund now/pay later
  • Not universally accepted, and you may find some poker sites are not able to transact through Ecocard
  • No chargeback or similar features, despite other built-in security measures


Deposits from Ecocard to your account are processed quickly, and without additional fees being applied in almost all cases. You can choose to upload funds to your Ecocard, or to link your payment card directly for efficient deposits without the need to disclose your personal details. Because Ecocard has no credit limit, they are a very secure way to keep absolute control over your spending and to guard against fraud — invaluable peace of mind when you’re making your first deposit.


Withdrawals to Ecocard are generally approved quickly and sent through without undue delay. Most poker sites attribute no additional costs to Ecocard withdrawals, which you can then immediately access through your payment card, or pull to your bank account for maximum flexibility. Leaving withdrawn funds in your account can help fund subsequent deposits, or can be spent with your Ecocard at supported outlets.

Ecocard FAQs

There are a few common questions about Ecocard that bettors tend to ask:

Can I Use Ecocard Worldwide?

Ecocard is based in the U.K. and is predominantly a U.K. service. However, depending on where you live, you may still be able to take advantage of Ecocard services, and a large number of international poker sites are set up to handle Ecocard payments.

Is It Universally Accepted By Poker Sites?

Ecocard isn’t accepted by every single poker site. However, there are a large number of reputable sites that welcome deposits and pay withdrawals directly to your Ecocard, and we recommend a number of sites compatible with Ecocard funding for you to choose from.

Do I Still Qualify For Bonuses?

There is nothing to stop you from qualifying for the same level of bonuses as you otherwise would. Poker sites prefer Ecocard and other debit card payments because of the lower risk of chargebacks, and this is reflected in sometimes more generous bonuses and payout terms. The bottom line is that you do still qualify for bonus payments with Ecocard, which you can use to fund your ongoing poker play.

Can I Withdraw To Ecocard?

Most sites that accept Ecocard for deposits will have no problem facilitating withdrawal requests to your card. Withdrawal is usually quick and painless, and you can have access to your funds immediately once the transaction has gone through — ideal for spending your winnings or withdrawing as cash from an ATM.

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