Two Pair Poker Odds

If you flop two pair in a poker hand it usually makes you a huge favorite, given that you have at least a 90% chance or better to win the hand.

This is a very sneaky hand to have because even the most skilled poker opponents are unable to figure out what you’re holding.

Only when an opponent has three of a kind, a straight or flush will you be behind with two pair, but even if you are up against one of these bigger hands you’ll still have almost a 4 to 1 chance to come from behind and win the hand by making a full house.

If you have two pair and an opponent has a higher two pair, your odds will be very bad to win the hand. For example; if you have 9-10 and your opponent has Q-10, and a flop of Q-10-9 hits the board, your hand will be almost a 12 to 1 underdog. That’s why top two pair is much better to have, and you can play it with more aggression when you do.

Two pair against one player is usually a hand that you can slow-play by just calling bets made by your opponent. Wait until the last card has been dealt before you raise the action back at them. If there’s more than one other player in the hand, it makes sense for you to raise the action with your two pair to prevent one of those opponents from drawing out on you, as slim as the chances of that happening may be.

The only times that you might want to consider folding your two pair is when all the cards in the hand have been dealt out and the board cards include four cards of the same suit, or four consecutive cards that could easily allow someone to make a straight. You don’t have any more chances of making a full house, and it’s just too easy for an opponent to have the bigger hand.

Most times two pair will win you chips, so playing them to showdown will usually be the right move to make.

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