2018 NBA Trade Odds: Where is Everyone Going?

NBA Free Agency Betting Odds 2018

The spotlight for the NBA offseason has always been on LeBron James and what his destination will be for the upcoming season. But there are other dominoes to fall that could influence James’s decision or at least shake up the power hierarchy in the NBA.

While Bron may take his time before announcing his intentions, online sportsbook BetOnline is offering odds on whether other NBA studs will stick with their teams or if squads will ship them off to jump-start a rebuild.

Players like Kawhi Leonard, Chris Paul, DeAndre Jordan, Kemba Walker and Markelle Fultz have all been mentioned in the rumor mill so let’s break down the odds on whether they will remain with their respective teams for the upcoming season and if there’s value to jump at.

Kawhi Leonard

Odds to remain with Spurs +250

Nobody doubts Kawhi Leonard’s talent and ability to be a top-three player in the NBA. But this past season may have shed some light on the quiet superstar and his career intentions as he has made it known through media reports that he is upset with the Spurs organization and wants out.

This is why the +250 odds are a rip-off as San Antonio is now in a difficult position of having to trade its best player to either a conference rival like the Lakers or to the East to a team like the Boston Celtics. I expect the Spurs to move him sooner rather than later to maximize his trade value and since the Lakers and Celtics can offer the best package in return, these two teams should be the front-runners to land Kawhi.

Chris Paul

Odds to remain with Rockets -350

The Rockets were 24 minutes away from advancing past the Golden State Warriors and making the NBA Finals. That reason along with a 65-17 record (best in the NBA) make it seem highly unlikely that Rockets GM Daryl Morey will let him walk. That being said, the all-NBA point guard is 33 years old and is approaching the twilight of his career which means Morey and his analytical approach will be put to the test to see if he will offer Paul a new deal of upwards of $220 million over five seasons.

At +260 to move on from the Rockets, it may be worth a stab from bettors to wager on Paul taking a max deal somewhere else when you consider the Rockets have been heavily linked to LeBron (who will also command a max deal) and still have to sort out up-and-coming center Clint Capela’s contract.

DeAndre Jordan

Odds to remain with Clippers +500

It seems like a foregone conclusion that Jordan will be in a different uniform next season after the Clippers dealt guard Austin Rivers to the Wizards for center Marcin Gortat. Gortat is owed $13 million next season and when you combine that with DeAndre’s potential player option of $24 million, the Clippers (and anyone with a brain) will agree that that is far too much cap space to soak up for two archaic centers.

The Mavericks have been heavily linked to Jordan ever since 2015 when they had him signed to a four-year deal before he backed out to return to the Clippers. With the Mavs aiming to be back in playoff contention since their first-round pick next season goes to the Hawks, bettors should expect Jordan to be on the move and most likely anchor the frontcourt in Dallas.

Kemba Walker

Odds to remain with Hornets -325

It’s looking like Walker and his $12-million contract are staying put in Charlotte barring further developments. The all-star point guard is on a very reasonable deal and would be an excellent third piece for a developing superpower like the Lakers or a championship contender like the Cavaliers.

But reports are coming out of North Carolina that the Hornets’ asking price for Walker is too high for the 28-year-old, who could walk at the end of the upcoming season. With the NBA at an all-time high in point guard talent, there simply isn’t a market for the eighth-year guard.

Markelle Fultz

Odds to remain with 76ers -200

This may be one of the strangest stories in the NBA as the 2017 No. 1 overall pick has been an enigma since the Sixers selected him. After Fultz had an outstanding debut in Summer League, the Sixers diagnosed him with shoulder issues to disguise his apparent case of the yips with his jump shot. Fultz only dressed for 14 games last season and Philly seems to be kicking the tires on potential deals that could nab them a coveted third superstar to pair with Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid.

While reports are coming out of Philadelphia that Fultz’s jump shot is in the process of being reworked, his trade value is at an all-time low. And when you consider how high he was selected and what the Sixers gave up to get him, Fultz’s future seems to be stuck in the City of Brotherly Love for the time being.

1st Regular-Season game of 2018-19 - Kawhi Leonard
  • Spurs +250
  • Field (any other team) -325
Odds as of June 29 at BetOnline
1st Regular-Season game of 2018-19 - Chris Paul
  • Rockets -350
  • Field (any other team) +260
Odds as of June 29 at BetOnline
1st Regular-Season game of 2018-19 - DeAndre Jordan
  • Clippers +500
  • Field (any other team) -800
Odds as of June 29 at BetOnline
1st Regular-Season game of 2018-19 - Kemba Walker
  • Hornets -325
  • Field (any other team) +250
Odds as of June 29 at BetOnline
1st Regular-Season game of 2018-19 - Markelle Fultz
  • 76ers -200
  • Field (any other team) +160
Odds as of June 29 at BetOnline