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2024 NBA Trade Deadline Odds: Where Will Russell, Murray Land?

The NBA trade deadline on Feb. 8 may come and go without any superstar names on the move, but that doesn't mean there isn't value to be had as several players with All-Star credentials could end up in new situations.

Which players could be dealt, and what teams would they potentially be traded to?

NBA Trade Deadline Odds: D'Angelo Russell

Which team will D'Angelo Russell be on after the trade deadline?
Los Angeles Lakers+200
Atlanta Hawks+390
Chicago Bulls+390
Brooklyn Nets+950
Toronto Raptors +1500
Detroit Pistons+1500

The Los Angeles Lakers aren't afraid to make splashy moves in order to improve its ceiling and extend its championship window. Time is of the essence as LeBron James' career winds down, and as a recent hourglass tweet suggests, the King isn't a patient man and won't sit idly by forever.

D'Angelo Russell is perhaps the team's most valuable trade chip on the open market. James and Anthony Davis aren't going to be moved, and the Lakers invested heavily in Austin Reaves last summer with a new four-year contract. 

Shipping Russell doesn't constitute a blockbuster deal that would make the Lakers overnight title contenders, but it's probably the only bullet they have left in the chamber. 

Pick: Lakers

Any incoming assets for Russell would make for a lateral move for the Lakers, at best. Russell is playing some of his best basketball of the season, as well, averaging 24 points and 6.5 assists while shooting 46.6 percent from behind the arc over his last 13 games.

The 27-year-old combo guard also has an $18.7-million player option in his contract for 2024-25, which should make any potential buyers weary. The safe bet is that Russell simply stays put, which may not be to James' liking, but making a move for the sake of making a move would be just that.

NBA Trade Deadline Odds: Dejounte Murray

Which team will Dejounte Murray be on after the trade deadline?
Atlanta Hawks+130
Los Angeles Lakers+220
Philadelphia 76ers+430
San Antonio Spurs+1500
Utah Jazz+1500
New York Knicks+2900

There's a reason why the Atlanta Hawks had such strong odds to land the aforementioned Russell, as a swap of some sort with the Lakers for Dejounte Murray has been rumored for quite some time. 

Yahoo Sports' Jake Fischer noted during a recent podcast appearance with Marc Stein that the Lakers and Utah Jazz were the only teams to present offers for Murray to Atlanta, although the talks with Los Angeles have seemingly cooled.

Murray is locked in through the 2026-27 season with a player option of just over $31.5 million for 2027-28. His overall production is on par with what it was a season ago, averaging 21.4 points, 5.1 rebounds, and 5.2 assists in 35 minutes.

Pick: Hawks

Atlanta is gung ho on acquiring young pieces and high picks for Murray, but the market isn't booming with those types of packages. He's signed for the long haul, so there's little urgency to pull the trigger if there isn't a deal out there that makes sense. 

NBA Trade Deadline Odds: DeMar DeRozan

Which team will DeMar DeRozan be on after the trade deadline?
Chicago Bulls-150
Philadelphia 76ers+340
Los Angeles Lakers+650
Atlanta Hawks+1500
Detroit Pistons+1500
Miami Heat+1500

Chicago Bulls wing Zach LaVine elected to undergo season-ending surgery on his right foot, and while guard Coby White has emerged as a threat for Most Improved Player, the level of talent around DeMar DeRozan and the team's current record doesn't equate a formula for a deep postseason run.

The 34-year-old veteran has an expiring contract of $28.6 million, so any team looking to clear cap space and/or bring aboard a player that could make a substantial difference in a seven-game series needs to take a second and third look at DeRozan.

He's still a top-30 scorer in the Association, and while his efficiency isn't as potent as it once was, DeRozan still has 34 games this season under his belt of 20 points or more and five with over 30 points.

Pick: Bulls

ESPN's Brian Windhorst reported during a recent episode of The Hoop Collective that there's a growing expectation the Bulls will not trade DeRozan despite his expiring deal. 

The Philadelphia 76ers would be a fun destination for DeRozan, as the team needs added firepower after losing Joel Embiid to a left knee injury. There's also widespread belief that DeRozan's former Toronto Raptors teammate and close friend Kyle Lowry could go to the City of Brotherly Love if bought out by the Charlotte Hornets.

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