Jerami Grant has been heavily discussed in NBA trade odds.

2022 NBA Trade Deadline Odds: Where Will Simmons, Grant Land?

The NBA trade deadline is mere hours away and a flurry of action is expected once again Thursday as teams gear up for playoff runs or sell off assets to shed salary and acquire futures.

As usual, there are several high-end players being thrown around in trade rumors, including one (Ben Simmons) who has been at the forefront of NBA trade discussions for the better part of the last year.

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So, where will these players land? 

Let’s look at some of the key players who could be traded before the February 10 deadline and break down where they could end up:

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NBA Trade Deadline Odds: Ben Simmons

Where Will Ben Simmons play after the 2022 nBA trade deadline?
Option Odds
Philadelphia 76ers -250
Brooklyn Nets +150
Portland Trail Blazers +700
Any other NBA team +950

Odds as of February 9 at Sportsbook

This saga is getting pretty old. Simmons has not played a single game this season for the Sixers, has been fined more than $20 million and has been very clear that he has no intention of ever again playing for the team. 

So what’s the delay? From Philly’s side of the situation, it doesn’t really make sense to trade Simmons unless you’re getting a package of great value, and you probably don’t want that package to simply be picks and young pieces. 

Joel Embiid is having an MVP-caliber season for the Sixers, so any trade of Simmons at the deadline would likely need to include a player to help them this season in a wide-open Eastern Conference. 

Enter James Harden. Whispers of a trade have been percolating in Brooklyn for some time now and though the two teams are direct rivals, a Simmons/Harden swap makes sense for both clubs if both players are unhappy. 

There seems to be a real possibility that this deal happens, although there are reports that the Sixers believe they can wait until the summer to acquire Harden and may not want to pull the trigger this week.


Best Bet: Nets +150

It is interesting that oddsmakers believe the most likely outcome is Simmons staying in Philly, but we like the value of the Nets being his landing spot at +150. This is a “where there’s smoke, there’s fire” situation, although it should be pointed out that the Nets have stated publicly that they don’t plan to trade Harden.

NBA Trade Deadline Odds: Damian Lillard

where Will damian lillard play after the 2022 nBA trade deadline?
Option Odds
Portland Trail Blazers -1800
Los Angeles Lakers +500
New York Knicks +650
Philadelphia 76ers +800
Boston Celtics +2000

Odds as of February 9 at Sportsbook

A couple of weeks ago, things looked a little different in Rip City, but now that the Blazers have traded away so many of their top players, their direction is clear.

In the last week, Portland has shipped out CJ McCollum, Norm Powell, Robert Covington and Larry Nance, creating potentially $60 million in cap space this offseason and the flexibility to make other trades or sign players.

The intention seems to be that Portland wants to build around Lillard moving forward with new players as opposed to trading him and burning everything to the ground.

You aren’t making much money on this bet at Dame staying in Portland at -1800, but we don’t see the other options as being realistic at this point.

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NBA Trade Deadline Odds: Jerami Grant

where Will Jerami Grant play after the 2022 NBA trade deadline?
Option Odds
Detroit Pistons -115
Portland Trail Blazers +175
Los Angeles Lakers +800
Utah Jazz +800
Chicago Bulls +800
Minnesota Timberwolves +800
Washington Wizards +1500

Odds as of February 9 at Sportsbook

One of the hottest names on the trade market this season, Pistons forward Jerami Grant has broken out in a big way over the last two seasons. After floundering a bit with the Sixers and Thunder, Grant has played his best basketball over the last season and a half with Detroit and has reportedly been pursued by several teams around the league.

The reason the Pistons are still the favorite to keep Grant instead of trading him is their reported high asking price of multiple first-round picks. There are also reports that the Pistons like the idea of keeping Grant through their rebuild or exploring a trade in the summer, but there is plenty of smoke around a deal getting done on Thursday.


Best Bet: Portland +175

Despite dealing away several starters in the last week, all signs point to the Blazers being more than a little interested in acquiring Grant to pair with Lillard.

The first-round pick they received from New Orleans in the CJ McCollum deal could be in play and there are rumors that the Pistons covet Jusuf Nurkic as well. We like the value here at +175 that these teams figure out a way to get Grant to Portland. 

NBA Trade Deadline Odds: Myles Turner

where Will Myles turner play after the 2022 NBA Trade Deadline?
Option Odds
Indiana Pacers -400
Toronto Raptors +550
New York Knicks +950
Charlotte Hornets +950
Portland Trail Blazers +950
Dallas Mavericks +950
Minnesota Timberwolves +1400

Odds as of February 9 at Sportsbook

The Pacers dealt center Domantas Sabonis to Sacramento this week, which showed a willingness to deal away top players for younger pieces. However, with Sabonis gone, Turner is now free to anchor the frontcourt on his own and it seems unlikely that Indiana would want to deal both of their top big men. 

That being said, there are surely tons of teams calling about Turner and he could potentially land an attractive package for a Pacers team with no hope of making the playoffs this year.


Best Bet: Toronto +550

It’s going to come down to price for the Raptors, who would definitely not deal a young player like Scottie Barnes for Turner (Indiana got young star Tyrese Haliburton from Sacramento for Sabonis), so it’s unclear what a package from the Raptors would look like.

But Turner would be a perfect fit on a surprising Raptors team that desperately needs another piece or two to take the pressure off the overworked starting five. 

It’s definitely a long shot, but we like the value here.

NBA Trade Deadline Odds: Russell Westbrook

where Will Russell Westbrook play after the 2022 NBA trade Deadline?
Option Odds
Los Angeles Lakers -500
Houston Rockets +350
New York Knicks +400
Detroit Pistons +950
Philadelphia 76ers +1600

Odds as of February 9 at Sportsbook

We don’t see Westbrook going anywhere. It’s pretty clear that the Lakers aren’t as good as they hoped they would be, but they are too hamstrung with bad contracts and guys on expiring deals to make many potential deals seem realistic. 

That includes Russell Westbrook, who has not been very good this season. The Lakers’ only real trade chip is Talen Horton-Tucker and we think it’s far more likely that the Lakers deal him with a draft pick attached to get an upgrade.

This team just doesn’t have the flexibility to make many deals at the deadline and we really don’t see many teams who would be willing to take on Westbrook. Bet on him staying put.

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