Tyson Fury (left) is favored over Francis Ngannou

Fury vs Ngannou Odds & Picks: Can Francis Score A Knockout?

Finally, we're getting the star-studded heavyweight clash fight fans have been dreaming of.

Tyson Fury will fight Francis Ngannou on October 28 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The bout will be 10 rounds, feature three judges, and have both fighters vying to knock each other out in "devastating fashion."

As it stands, Fury is a -1400 favorite over Ngannou.

Tyson Fury vs Francis Ngannou Betting Odds

Tyson Fury-1400
Francis Ngannou+800

Odds as of October 23

Per our odds calculator, Fury's -1400 status equates to a win probability of 93.33%, and a $100 bet on him pays $107.14. Ngannou, a former UFC champion, gets an 11.11% chance at +800 odds, and a $100 bet yields $900. 

This is a big fight and things can get confusing, so if you need a refresher, hit up our How To Bet on Boxing page. 

Fury vs Ngannou Betting Preview: Who Wins?

Here's what to watch — and what to bet on — ahead of this Fury vs Ngannou heavyweight clash.

How Fury Wins

Stay loose, son. Not that that's ever been a problem for the Gypsy King, but he must dance around to defeat Ngannou. As long as Fury stays twitchy with his head and feet, it'll be very hard for the Cameroonian to line him up and tee off. If Ngannou does rip off a few big shots, Fury can hop right into the clinch as he always does and flip his weight onto his inexperienced foe.

I envision Francis having quite a hard time (at least cardio-wise) with the clinch game in boxing. In MMA, you can press on the cage or prop against it for leverage. There's no support in boxing, and Fury is a king at tiring out his opponents. 

Apart from that, it'll be about Fury using his gangling arms to piece up Ngannou with the jab. Watch for both fighters to simultaneously enter with punches, and if The Predator explodes for damage, Fury's long arms will help him shell up, too.

How Ngannou Wins

It's unfair to compare Deontay Wilder, a polished heavyweight legend, to Ngannou, but The Predator might just possess similar nuclear power in his right overhand. It won't be clear until we see Francis in the ring with boxing gloves on.

But, let's say Ngannou hits as hard as Wilder. Well, then there's an avenue to victory. Ngannou was never overexcited in the cage; he always stalked his prey and popped off for big advances. In this upcoming Fury vs Ngannou bout, there will undoubtedly be several wild exchanges. As Fury goes to bob and evade, he must be conscious of Francis' second, third, and fourth punches within the furious combos. 

In Fury vs Wilder 1, the Englishman got folded with a follow-up left hook. Remember Ngannou vs Jairzinho Rozenstruik at UFC 249? Those powerful arms, even at full extension, carry booming power.

Fury Vs Ngannou Betting Pick

Ngannou's pure power is tantalizing, but that skill alone does not a champion make. He needs more seasoning, and there's no foe more experienced than the Gypsy King.

Fury has this one. Can he get clipped? For sure. But I'll bet he respects Ngannou's strength and waits for him to tire before putting him away with a late-round knockout (a technical knockout to be exact).

Pick: Fury by Technical knockout (-175); OVER 4.5 Rounds (-138)

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