Mayweather + Derby = Record Betting?

Super Sunday is the sports betting industry’s biggest day each year, but could a Super Saturday this week approach the same level of betting interest?

The Kentucky Derby goes Saturday afternoon with American Pharoah the top betting choice and the Run For the Roses is followed a few hours later by the Floyd Mayweather Manny Pacquiao fight.

Both are expected to be heavily wagered events and maybe it's more than fate that a horse named Itsaknockout will be running in the Derby.

“Fight money is coming in at such a high rate that it would not be a complete shock if Saturday betting volume approaches Super Bowl levels, factoring in Mayweather-Pacquiao, the Kentucky Derby and our regular playoff handle,” said Kevin Bradley, sportsbook manager at Sportsbook.

Indeed, the events appear to be feeding off each other. Each event is creating huge social media hype and huge betting interest.

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“This could be the most heavily bet Derby ever here, mainly because it's on the same day as the Mayweather fight and there is so much betting hype surrounding both events,” said Bradley.

“We’re not sure yet how huge it will be because we see such a flood of horse wagers on Derby Day, but we are getting ready for a very busy day.”

Boxing has fallen on hard times recently with few stars with whom fans can identify. Mayweather is the lone exception and his fights are the only ones on the calendar that move the needle in terms of betting handle.

The Kentucky Derby odds have also benefitted from the hype surrounding American Pharoah, who has seen more than double the number of wagers as any other horse in the Churchill Downs field so far, according to Bradley.

Michael Dempsey of hopes to see a prop matching Itsaknockout winning the Derby and a knockout being the deciding factor in the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight.

“The ownership group of Itsaknockout are wearing Mayweather-Pacquiao clothing this week. The colt is going to be a longshot, but is going to get more attention at the betting windows because of his name.”

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