benjamin eckstein penny pinching

Benjamin Eckstein’s Penny Pinching

LAS VEGAS — PENNIES. Don’t sleep on pennies.

We have been following the Nevada Gaming Control Board’s monthly win figures for quite a while. PENNIES have provided the BIGGEST win for the casinos, and it’s NOT even close. Here’s a list of the six major categories that the board sent out for the month of June.

You’ll notice the win on penny slots was more than DOUBLE baccarat. That’s ENORMOUS! And it’s not a one-off. Pennies have been killing it all year, doubling and even tripling the next category, which is usually baccarat. Now, obviously, you know that people are not bringing bags full of pennies to the casino, but MAN do they LOVE the penny slots.

Why are pennies SO popular? A few reasons. First, they have a high hit frequency. Most spins paid something, even though the payout was rarely more than the total amount bet. Second, many machines were based on a licensed property, like an old TV show.

What shows, Eck? We’re talking Jeopardy, Let’s Make a Deal, The Price Is Right and Wheel of Fortune. And we heard that the Wheel of Fortune is one of the loosest slot machines in Albuquerque, just in case you’re planning a trip to New Mexico. For those who miss the old days, you can sit at machines that rock Baywatch, Friends, Hee Haw, Star Trek and I Dream of Jeannie for those Barbara Eden fans.

Gonna get you ready for a little afternoon delight over in London as the Premier League kicks off the 2022-23 season (3 p.m. ET, 12 noon PT). The opener finds Arsenal working its way about 12 miles south to Selhurst Park to battle Crystal Palace. If you’ve followed Ecks & Bacon over the years, you know that I LIVE & DIE with the Gunners. So, kinda like the Yankees, I try not to let my heart get involved in the handicap.

That’s why we will put aside any win bets and focus on the OVER/UNDER goal total. The main total for the game is 2.5 goals, but if you shop around, you’ll find other goal props. Like OVER/UNDER 1.5 goals. You’ll have to pay a pretty steep price on the OVER, like -325 or so, but the way Arsenal has been filling up the net, it’ll be worth the effort. The Gunners have scored 13 goals in their last three games, and OVER 1.5 looks like a superb investment.

Benjamin Eckstein is a nationally syndicated sportswriter/oddsmaker. His column, America’s Line, with the Ecks & Bacon appetizer, has run in the New York Daily News and over 100 other papers since 1988. You can follow him online at He is beloved by most, when he picks winners, and detested by others, when he picks the occasional loser. If you wanna piece of Eck, hit his email...

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