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First Super Hot Drop Jackpot Won for Almost $250K

Hot drop jackpots, a new type of progressive jackpot at online casinos, officially launched on June 7th, 2022. Hot drop jackpots differ from conventional progressive jackpots in that they are guaranteed to pay out before a certain limit is reached. As a result, they will pay out far more frequently than regular progressive jackpot slots, which have no such limits in place.

The first Super Hot Drop Jackpot was won despite not having been available for two full days. Unlike the two other types of hot drop jackpots (Daily and Hourly), Super Hot Drops will pay out before they hit a certain prize amount threshold. Since the prize pool is added to every time a slot is played, someone already winning a Super Hot Drop demonstrates how exciting people are finding these jackpots.

How Much Do Hot Drop Jackpots Pay Out?

The first Super Hot Drop Jackpot, valued at $245,782.86, was won on June 8th, 2022, at 10:45 a.m. ET, on the Golden Buffalo slot. At the time of the win, neither of the Hourly or Daily Jackpots on the game had been claimed, being worth $2,708.49 and $21,071.25, respectively. With the Super Hot Drop Jackpot having been won, everyone who plays Golden Buffalo will be contributing toward – and have a chance to win – the next jackpot.

Online casinos like Sportsbook predict that hot drop jackpots will pay out about $5 million every month. Prior to launch, it was estimated that a player would win a Super Hot Drop Jackpot approximately every four and a half days. Given the first Sportsbook claimed the jackpot in less than 48 hours, we can likely expect future jackpots to be won more quickly than this estimate.

Which Slots Are Hot Drop Jackpots Available On?

At the time of writing, each of the following games offers an Hourly, Daily and Super Hot Drop Jackpot:

  • Golden Buffalo: This classic nature-themed slot now also holds the distinction of paying out the first Super Hot Drop jackpot.
  • 777 Deluxe: Classic gambling symbols like fruit, bells and horseshoes are presented with a futuristic aesthetic to make this game the perfect mixture of traditional and modern play.
  • A Night With Cleo: This Egyptian-themed slot takes place against a gorgeous nighttime view of the Great Pyramids, with treasures and precious gems appearing on the reels.

Comparing Hot Drop Jackpots to Progressive Jackpots

We know that hot drop jackpots will pay out significantly more often than progressive jackpot games, but what does that actually look like? To compare the two, we looked at all of the jackpot wins for the biggest, most popular progressive slot in the world, Mega Moolah, based on the data on the game’s website.

Type of JackpotNumber of Times WonAverage Payout TimeAverage Payout Amount 
Progressive Jackpot (Mega Moolah)68 (as of June 8, 2022)70 days$5 million
Super Hot Drop Jackpot1 (as of June 8, 2022)4.5 days$250,000

Since Mega Moolah’s debut in 2007, its jackpot has been won 68 times, with a duration of 4,736 days between the first jackpot won and the most recent. This tells us that Mega Moolah pays out its major jackpot roughly every 70 days – over 15 times longer than the estimated Super Hot Drop Jackpot win. While Mega Moolah jackpots pay out quite a bit more to individual players, Super Hot Drop Jackpots are not far behind. The average progressive jackpot win on Mega Moolah is about $5 million, and it would take Super Hot Drop Jackpots specifically just another 20 days – 90 days in total – to match that amount of winnings distributed.

While the amount of money up for grabs is slightly less than the world’s largest progressive slot, hot drop jackpots ultimately offer more chances to win to more players, and much more quickly. If you want to try hot drops for yourself, they can be played at the following websites. You never know; you may just be the next Super Hot Drops Sportsbook!

You can play hot drop jackpots at the following casinos:


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