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Online Roulette Strategy: What You Should Know

Is it possible to beat the wheel? Roulette is ultimately a game of luck, but like many casino games, you could tip the odds in your favor with the right online roulette strategy. In this post, we’ll take you through the roulette strategies that the experts use. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, there’ll be something in this article that will help improve your game when playing roulette online.

Roulette for Beginners

Every great player has to start somewhere. Roulette is a great beginner’s casino game because it’s easy to learn and fun to play. It’s no wonder it’s been a mainstay at casinos across the globe.

Even though it’s easy to pick up, mastering roulette strategies can take time — not to mention a bit of confidence. The first step is learning the rules. Once you’ve got those mastered, then you can start looking at employing betting strategies that will take your wins to the next level.

Play Roulette Online for Free

In the last section, we mentioned that building your confidence is the key to becoming a great roulette player. The way you build confidence is through practice, and the best way to practice roulette strategies is to play online for free before you play with real money.

At most casinos, you can bet and play top roulette games as if you were gambling with real money. Playing roulette online for free is a great way to hone your skills before you make a deposit.

What’s the Best Online Roulette Strategy?

There is no one best online roulette strategy. It all depends on your bankroll and your comfort level with taking risks. Once you’ve progressed past a beginner level and have a decent-sized pot to play with, there’s a lot of resources online that will walk you through the different strategies available to you. We’ll walk you through a few of them further down the page.

How do you Play Roulette?

Like most casino games, roulette is a betting game. Players start the game by making bets on where the roulette ball will land. The most common bets are inside bets (bets directly placed on one or more numbers) or outside bets (bets that are placed on other propositions like odds or evens, red or black, etc.).

As the bets are placed, the dealer (or croupier) throws a ball into the spinning wheel. Bets are stopped before the ball stops. When the ball comes to rest in a pocket, winners are determined and are rewarded according to the bet they placed.

While there’s no strategy to determine where the ball will land, there are betting strategies that can help you walk away with more money at the end of the game. We’ll go over some of these in the next section.

Popular Roulette Strategies

Depending on your confidence level (or bank account), there are different roulette strategies that can help you manage your bankroll. Here are some of the most popular or common ones:

D’Alembert System

Best for Beginners. This is a simple online roulette strategy to remember — you only place it on even bets (like red or black), so that’s why we think it’s great for first-timers. You start by setting a betting unit, for example $1. Every time you lose, you increase your unit amount by one unit, and if you win, you decrease the next bet by one unit. The theory is that over time, your bets will even out. 

Fibonacci System

Thrill-Seekers Only. If you’re a math fan, and love a risk/reward situation, give the Fibonacci strategy a try. This involves using the Fibonacci sequence of numbers (0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21 and so on) to determine your wager.

In this strategy, each wager you make will be the sum of the two prior wagers. If you lose, you progress forward, and if you win, you go back two places. People like this strategy because it’s easy to calculate and follow (and could pay off big time). Just make sure you take stock of your bankroll and know when to call it a day.

Martingale System

A Favorite of High Rollers. The Martingale strategy is all about recovering your losses. It’s also fairly simple to manage. With this strategy, every time you lose, you double your wager. When you win again, it means you’ll recover previous losses and gain a small profit. Be careful, however. If you find yourself in an unlucky streak, you could wipe your bankroll pretty quickly.

Roulette Strategy: Top Tips to Win

When it comes to roulette, you want your game to last longer and keep more of your money. Our team agrees that keeping these three things in mind will help:

  • Manage Your Bankroll. It’s simple: some betting strategies allow you to keep more of your bankroll. That said, the wins might be a little less impressive, but you don’t want to find yourself in a losing position for long. Roulette strategy is less about where the ball will land, and instead more about managing your money properly.
  • Roulette Requires Luck, Not Skill. Remember, you can’t influence the wheel, and it’s incredibly hard to cheat at roulette. Knowing that the game is about luck and not skill will keep your ego in check.
  • Choose A Reputable Online Casino. Obviously, finding a place to try online roulette strategy will require you to play at an online casino. Look for reputable, well-reviewed sites and do your homework before you deposit any real money. 

Happy gambling!

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