Online Casinos South America

Online casinos are legal in most parts of South America. Though that is the case in the general sense, the continent is a patchwork of jurisdictions. The sovereign nations that have their own distinct gambling laws are: Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana and Suriname. Also, French Guiana is an overseas department of France, while the Falkland Islands (sometimes referred to as the Islas Malvinas) is a British overseas territory and regulated as such. 

Here, we’ll discuss the states with the most regulations, then provide gaming information for the remainder of the South American gaming jurisdictions.

CountryIs online gambling legal?What else do I need to know?
ArgentinaYESArgentina has the most active native-based online casinos with about 80 sites. The government allows online casino betting and sportsbooks as long as they’re not foreign.
ChileYESOnline casinos are legal in Chile and foreign gaming sites aren’t blocked.
BrazilNOBrazil bans all forms of online gambling that are considered games of chance. You can sometimes access international sites if they haven’t been blocked by the Brazilian government.
VenezuelaYESOnline casinos must be regulated and legal in order to operate in Venezuela.
EcuadorNOYou can gamble online in Ecuador as long as you do it at a foreign casino.
PeruYESThere are no rules when it comes to online gambling in Peru. As long as you are of legal gambling age and aren’t using an online casino to launder money, the government doesn’t care.
ParaguayYESSame as Peru. See above.
UruguayYESSame as Peru. See above.

What are the Best Online Gambling Sites in South America?

In order to properly answer that question, you’d have to pick your favorite. The best online gambling sites in South America vary from player to player. For example, you may prefer an online casino that has a huge welcome bonus, whereas your neighbor prefers to wager at online gambling sites that are free. 

The online gambling market is vast and there are so many casinos to choose from that it’s hard to pick the best online gambling sites in South America. However, we can provide you with a breakdown of some of the online casinos that operate on the continent. Keep in mind that not all of them are legal and that some are run by foreign operators. Before you start playing at a new online casino, check to make sure it’s legal in the country that you live in.

These numbers are an approximation because new online gambling sites are added daily and some governments (i.e. Brazil) crack down on foreign or illegal casino operators all the time.  

Spanish vs English Casinos
  • Venezuela - 341 Spanish, 898 English
  • Colombia - 339 Spanish, 874 English
  • Ecuador - 341 Spanish, 878 English
  • Peru - 338 Spanish, 876 English
  • Chile - 342 Spanish, 897 English
  • Argentina - 337 Spanish, 895 English
  • Falkland Islands - 341 Spanish, 872 English
  • Uruguay - 337 Spanish, 893 English
  • Paraguay - 341 Spanish, 876 English
  • Bolivia - 339 Spanish, 871 English
  • Brazil - 216 Portuguese, 873 English
  • French Guiana - 302 French, 773 English
  • Suriname - 181 Dutch, 885 English
  • Guyana - 862 English (official)

What Payment Methods are Accepted by Online Casinos in South America?

Online casinos operating in South America support the standard credit card and debit card companies like Visa and MasterCard, along with widespread electronic payment services like Neteller and Skrill. 

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